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  1. Skype for Outlook.com Rolls Out Globally
  2. Twitter resets user passwords by accident
  3. Getty makes millions of photos free for online use
  4. Microsoft Accidentally Leaks Windows 8.1 Update
  5. Microsoft plans to patch critical under-attack IE bug next week
  6. Android for wearables coming, says Google software boss
  7. Apple’s iOS 7 Gets First Major Update
  8. Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for March 2014
  9. US-CERT urges XP users to dump IE
  10. Twitter Fixes Privacy Bug That Affected 93,000 Users
  11. Firefox, Safari And Internet Explorer Are All Broken At Pwn2Own
  12. Google shrinks Drive cloud storage prices
  13. Mozilla scraps Metro version of Firefox, citing low interest
  14. Microsoft dangles $50 carrot in front of XP users
  15. Prepare for Titanfall on the Xbox 360... only now in April
  16. EA games web server hacked to host phishing website
  17. Flappy Bird is coming back to the App Store
  18. Mozilla Firefox 28.0
  19. Microsoft to review policies after admitting it searched customer email
  20. Microsoft tries to tempt XP diehards with $100 discount on new PCs
  21. Firefox's UI face-lift on track for April debut
  22. Just previewing email can give attackers control of your PC, Microsoft warns
  23. Mozilla Firefox 29.0 Beta 2
  24. Microsoft opens up source code for ancient DOS and Word for Windows products
  25. Microsoft returns to scare tactic well in dump-XP campaign
  26. ZoneAlarm Pro
  27. ZoneAlarm Antivirus
  28. Lenovo ThinkPad Batteries Recalled Due to Fire Hazard
  29. Microsoft announces Office for iPad
  30. The Internet's best April Fools gags
  31. Windows XP still on 27 percent of computers despite impending support cut-off
  32. Microsoft details mouse-focused Windows 8.1 Update
  33. Amazon launches TV streaming and gaming device
  34. Microsoft sketches out final Windows XP security updates for next week
  35. Mozilla Firefox 29.0 Beta 5
  36. IBM celebrates 50 years of its System/360 mainframe
  37. Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for April 2014
  38. Windows 8.1 Update is required for future Windows 8.1 patches
  39. Microsoft suspends Windows 8.1 Updates for businesses after bug issue
  40. Trillian
  41. Google to sell Glass to public next week
  42. Microsoft sued over browser miscue that led to $731 million EU fine
  43. Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8.1 to developers
  44. Heartbleed hacks hit Mumsnet and Canada's tax agency
  45. Microsoft puts the squeeze on Windows to shoehorn it into 16GB devices
  46. Facebook wants to help you meet friends offline
  47. Kim Dotcom wins back cars and cash seized in Megaupload raid
  48. Windows XP security update with bug error causes havoc
  49. IE6: Retired but not dead yet
  50. AOL Mail Hacked, Accounts Sending Spam
  51. Facebook defends use of targeted adverts
  52. Netflix to increase subscription prices
  53. Google refunding buyers of fake anti-virus app
  54. Twitter rolls out Facebook-style profile redesign to all users
  55. Reports say an Amazon phone is close
  56. Warhol works recovered from old Amiga disks
  57. Microsoft Warns of Internet Explorer Zero-Day Bug
  58. Mozilla Firefox 29.0
  59. Apache OpenOffice 4.1.0 for Windows/Linux/Mac
  60. Rockstar Outlines Post-GameSpy Server Shutdown Changes
  61. ZoneAlarm Antivirus
  62. ZoneAlarm Pro
  63. ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
  64. Microsoft fixes IE zero-day flaw
  65. Yahoo Opts Out of 'Do Not Track'
  66. Microsoft loses $45m on Surface tablet sales
  67. AMD finally embraces Android as it looks beyond Windows
  68. Microsoft Tips Surface Mini at May 20 Event
  69. Tesco Plans Smartphone And Hudl 2 Tablet
  70. Amazon launches shopping via Twitter
  71. Dell celebrates 30 years in business at forefront of PC revolution
  72. Microsoft files for smartwatch patent
  73. Mozilla Firefox 29.0.1
  74. Microsoft to release critical Internet Explorer and SharePoint Server security patche
  75. WinZip 18.5
  76. UK ISPs Agree to Send Out Music & Movie Piracy Warnings
  77. Twitter Strengthens Password Reset Process, Login Security
  78. Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for May 2014
  79. Windows Store Redesigned for Easier App Browsing
  80. Microsoft to sell $399 Xbox One without Kinect
  81. Apple iTunes 11.2 (
  82. Microsoft Offers Xbox Live Gold Refunds
  83. Teen breaks record for fastest text
  84. International Police Forces Arrest 80 Members Of The BlackShades Malware Gang
  85. Microsoft Reveals 12-Inch Surface Pro 3
  86. Xbox One getting external hard drive support in June
  87. eBay Urges Users to Change Passwords After Hack
  88. Facebook Takes Steps to Prevent Over-Sharing
  89. Microsoft promises fix for Internet Explorer zero day flaw
  90. Google 'poised to produce 3D imaging tablet'
  91. Microsoft cautions against Windows XP update trick
  92. EBay flaw could let hackers hijack user accounts
  93. Torrentz.eu Back Online After Defying UK Police
  94. Spotify urges Android users to upgrade app after security breach
  95. Microsoft goes public with browser development plans
  96. Skype to break language barriers with translator tool
  97. Apple iTunes 11.2.2 (
  98. Mobile firms urged to unlock phones
  99. Panasonic Issues Toughbook Battery Recall Over Fire Risk
  100. Windows Start Menu may not return until next year
  101. Windows 7 powers more than half of all PCs
  102. Pirate Bay fugitive Peter Sunde arrested in Sweden
  103. Samsung launches first Tizen phone
  104. Chrome on Windows champs at the 64-bit
  105. Tetris Turns 30 Ahead of Summer Console Launch
  106. Microsoft's latest countdown: Update Windows 8.1 before Tuesday
  107. Google blunder over D-Day doodle
  108. Amazon launches PayPal competitor
  109. Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for June 2014
  110. Microsoft leaker sentenced to three months in prison
  111. Amazon launches Prime streaming music service
  112. Mozilla Firefox 30.0
  113. Apple exchanges 'overheating' European USB power adapters
  114. Microsoft strips some Windows 7 users of IE11 patch privileges
  115. Microsoft fixes flaw in its own security software
  116. Amazon Fire Phone offers 3D views and gesture controls
  117. Samsung Galaxy Tab S Arrives June 27
  118. Whoops! Microsoft goof confirms Surface Mini
  119. Microsoft Matches Google With 15GB of Free OneDrive Storage
  120. Apple cuts iPod Touch prices by up to 25%
  121. Secret Facebook mood study raises privacy concerns
  122. Samsung Reveals Galaxy S5 Mini
  123. Windows XP Stayin' Alive
  124. Microsoft slates critical IE, Windows patches for Tuesday
  125. Plasma TVs are just about dead
  126. Google Glass wearers can steal your password
  127. Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for July 2014
  128. Microsoft warns support ending for popular Windows products
  129. Smart LED light bulbs leak wi-fi passwords
  130. Apple iTunes 11.3 (
  131. Amazon accused of illegally billing for kids' gaming purchases
  132. Nvidia readies new Android/PC games machine
  133. Intel to ship Galileo Gen2 open-source computer in August for $60
  134. Facebook Starts Testing 'Buy' Button
  135. Microsoft to Lay Off 18,000 Employees in the Next Year
  136. Amazon leaks Kindle Unlimited e-book subscription plan
  137. Facebook introduces 'Save' feature
  138. Western Digital jumps to 6TB in budget hard drives with $299 Red
  139. UK anti-piracy campaign set to begin
  140. MH17: Twitter and Facebook spammers exploit crash
  141. Windows Phone 8.1 update said to be imminent
  142. U.K. Launches Driverless Car Campaign
  143. PlayStation Now Beta Opens to PS4 Users
  144. Facebook privacy class action lawsuit attracts 17,000 supporters
  145. Apple to unveil iPhone 6 'on September 9'
  146. Yahoo Joins Google Effort to Encrypt Email
  147. Windows 8's no-name update plan nails OS's coffin shut
  148. Wi-Fi flaw gives up your password
  149. Microsoft to drop support for outdated web browsers
  150. Microsoft: Critical Windows and Internet Explorer patches incoming
  151. Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for August 2014
  152. Microsoft Delays ActiveX Blocking In IE
  153. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs seemingly leak online
  154. Microsoft makes Bing search more chatty
  155. Twitter reviewing policies after Robin Williams' daughter harassed
  156. Microsoft internally debated rebranding Internet Explorer
  157. Google may offer accounts for kids, controls for parents
  158. Microsoft OneNote comes to Android tablets for free
  159. Speedfan 4.50
  160. Windows 9 unveiling set for September 30, report says
  161. Acer releases its own Chromebox, bringing the Google OS to desktops
  162. Microsoft may let you play Xbox One games for free for 24 hours
  163. Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1 for Windows/Linux/Mac
  164. Microsoft warns of fake virus alert hitting Windows users
  165. IsoBuster 3.4
  166. Gmail smartphone app hacked by researchers
  167. Inexpensive Windows PCs hit the market with help from Microsoft
  168. Microsoft Surface 2 Gets $100 Price Drop
  169. Sony says PlayStation Network back online
  170. Facebook to start cracking down on clickbait
  171. Spotify Free Music Streaming Lands on Windows Phone
  172. Apple recalls iPhone 5 for battery woes
  173. LG to put 'the first 4K OLED TVs' on sale in September
  174. HP recalls 6 million computer cords for fire risk
  175. Dropbox Offers 1TB Pro Account for Just $10 Per Month
  176. Apple planning 12.9-inch iPad for 2015
  177. Microsoft Purges 1,500 ‘Misleading’ Apps From Windows Store
  178. Nintendo Debuts 'New' 3DS, 3DS XL
  179. MSN Messenger to end after 15 years
  180. 'Cloud' concerns after celebrity picture leaks
  181. Mozilla Firefox 32.0
  182. WinRAR 5.11
  183. Windows 9 accidentally plugged by Microsoft China
  184. Google 'discourages' users of old browsers
  185. Apple says its systems not to blame for celebrity photo breach
  186. Facebook apology after site crashes
  187. Google is building the world's fastest computer
  188. Sony Z3 phones and tablet stream PlayStation 4 games
  189. New Facebook tool walks users through a privacy settings checkup
  190. Microsoft's Revamped MSN Gets Personal
  191. Twitter testing a 'buy button'
  192. Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for September 2014
  193. Apple introduces iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  194. Apple to release iOS 8 on Sept. 17
  195. Windows 9 leaks show the desktop rules again
  196. 5 million Gmail passwords leaked
  197. SanDisk SD memory card 'largest ever'
  198. Mozilla Firefox 32.0.1
  199. Apple iTunes 11.4 (
  200. Drag queens in Facebook name row
  201. Apple iPhone 6 pre-orders hit record 4 million on first day
  202. Windows 9 Leaks Tip Notification Center, Cortana
  203. Apple 'to launch new iPads on October 21'
  204. Nero Burning ROM 2015 (16.0.01300)
  205. eBay redirect attack puts buyers' credentials at risk
  206. Apple's iOS 8 HealthKit launch derailed by bug
  207. Amazon releases family-friendly, low-budget tablets
  208. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Arrives Oct. 17, Pre-Orders Start Friday
  209. Home Depot: 56 million cards exposed in breach
  210. Google stops forcing Google+ accounts on new Gmail users
  211. NASA says Maven spacecraft enters orbit around Mars
  212. Apple Sells 'Record' 10M iPhones Over the Weekend
  213. Microsoft Office, Windows Details Leak
  214. iOS 8 adoption nears 50 percent after just 6 days
  215. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn rush to .scot domain
  216. Microsoft exec: 'Windows 9' to be announced next week
  217. iOS 8.0.1 Released, But Issues Abound
  218. Mozilla Firefox 32.0.3
  219. Apple: iPhone 6 Bending 'Extremely Rare'
  220. Shellshock: 'Deadly serious' new vulnerability found
  221. Apple releases iOS 8.0.2
  222. Free Windows 9 Upgrades for Windows 8 Users?
  223. Apple’s latest update fails to squash iOS 8 bugs
  224. Yahoo Shuts Down Original Search Product
  225. Microsoft pips Sony to launch Xbox One in China
  226. Microsoft names next operating system 'Windows 10'
  227. 'Anti-Facebook' platform Ello attracts thousands
  228. EBay and PayPal to become separate companies in 2015
  229. Windows 10 Technical Preview Download (direct links)
  230. Facebook apologises to drag queens over real name use
  231. eBay Bids for Alleged iPhone 6 Prototype Near $100K
  232. Invention of blue LEDs wins physics Nobel
  233. Facebook Plots “Anonymous” Mobile App – Report
  234. Tyupkin cash machine hack 'dispenses wads'
  235. 81 million people listened to U2's iTunes giveaway
  236. Apple will webcast Oct. 16 iPad event
  237. Google’s Nexus 6 ‘To Be Released This Month’
  238. uTorrent 3.4.2 (34727)
  239. Samsung Develops Five Times Faster 60Ghz Wi-Fi Technology
  240. Tesco's Hudl 2 launch sees original unit sliced to £79
  241. Is The Next Version Of Android Called Licorice?
  242. Kmart shops hit by payment card hack attack
  243. Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for October 2014
  244. Facebook's Zuckerberg donates $25M to fight Ebola
  245. Google unveils the Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus 6 phablet
  246. Apple Reveals Ultra-Slim iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3
  247. Apple iTunes 12.0.1 (
  248. Mozilla Firefox Hello Is Open Browser-Based Skype Rival
  249. New Windows 10 Technical Preview build includes notifications among 7,000 new changes
  250. November Xbox One Update Adds Custom Backgrounds, Twitter