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  1. Facebook Expands Search to Public Posts
  2. YouTube launching ad-free $10-a-month subscription service
  3. Major Windows 10 Update Coming Next Month
  4. Massive Xbox One Update Arrives Nov. 12
  5. Europe to kill roaming charges in 2017
  6. WinRAR 5.21
  7. WinZip 20.0
  8. Microsoft to test simpler get-legal process for Windows pirates
  9. Speedfan 4.51
  10. Vodafone Breach Exposes Nearly 2K Users
  11. Microsoft to discontinue Windows 7 and 8.1 next November
  12. Microsoft Dumps OneDrive Unlimited Storage
  13. Touchnote postcard app suffers data breach
  14. uTorrent 3.4.5 (build 41162)
  15. Sony Says Farewell to Betamax Cassettes
  16. Facebook is scanning your photos to help you share them
  17. Google Maps gets offline search and directions
  18. Google car pulled over for being too slow
  19. Google Play Will Warn Against Ad-Supported Apps
  20. AnyDVD / AnyDVD HD
  21. Yahoo Mail Blocks Users Who Block Ads
  22. Sony: PlayStation 4 Remote Play Coming to PC, Mac
  23. WinRAR 5.30
  24. Do holiday lights slow your Wi-Fi signal?
  25. Facebook Now Lets You Stream Live Video To Your Friends
  26. UK cash machines at risk as Windows XP Embedded support cut-off looms
  27. Samsung to pay Apple $548m over patent row
  28. Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for December 2015
  29. Galaxy S7 likely to get pressure-sensitive display and high-speed charging
  30. Amazon stops selling some hoverboards over safety
  31. EE ramps up Power Bar battery recall
  32. Hackers threaten to bring down Xbox and PlayStation networks on Christmas
  33. Microsoft to Crack Down on Adware
  34. Apple iTunes 12.3.2 (
  35. Valve apologizes for Christmas breach, citing denial-of-service attack
  36. Sony Reveals PlayStation Plus January 2016 Lineup
  37. Microsoft's new tally for Windows 10: 200M
  38. Microsoft to warn of nation-state hacks
  39. Pidgin 2.10.12
  40. Microsoft urges Windows 8 users to upgrade as support ends
  41. AnyDVD / AnyDVD HD
  42. Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for January 2016
  43. Microsoft delivers latest Windows 10 preview release to testers
  44. Call of Duty: Black Ops III Tops 2015 Sales
  45. George W Bush tops Wikipedia 15th birthday list
  46. “123456” Maintains the Top Spot on SplashData’s Annual “Worst Passwords” List
  47. Next-Gen CPUs Will Only Support Windows 10
  48. Asda bug exposed online shopping payment details
  49. Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs Leak Online
  50. Amazon offering refunds on all hoverboards
  51. Rumor: Apple's new 4-inch handset will be called 'iPhone 5se'
  52. Spotify launches its video and podcasting service for Android and iOS devices
  53. Report: Amazon Prepping Standalone 'Spotify-Killer'
  54. Nintendo's first mobile app will launch in March
  55. Windows 10 finally surpasses XP
  56. Samsung outs its Galaxy S7 Edge, then scrubs the evidence
  57. Classic Windows 3.1 games and programs live again thanks to the Internet Archive
  58. Google Shuts Down Photo Service Picasa
  59. Twitter bug exposed email addresses and phone numbers last week
  60. Instagram Adds Two-Factor Authentication For Extra Security
  61. Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, price, specs and features
  62. Apple is reportedly launching a 9.7-inch iPad Pro in March
  63. Document Sharing Comes to WhatsApp
  64. Android Trojan Triada Spotted In Wild By Kaspersky Lab
  65. jv16 PowerTools X (
  66. Amazon Recalls Power Adapter As Shock Hazard
  67. Email inventor Ray Tomlinson dies having changed the world forever
  68. Facebook Fixes Account Takeover Bug
  69. Windows 7 users complain of unprovoked Windows 10 auto-upgrades
  70. Microsoft Enables Xbox One Cross-Network Play
  71. Sony Rumored to Upgrade the Playstation 4 for 4k Video and VR
  72. Twitter to keep 140-character limit, CEO says
  73. Apple goes retro with $399 iPhone SE, smaller iPad Pro
  74. Nintendo will reportedly cease production of Wii U by end of year
  75. Apple iTunes 12.3.3 (
  76. AnyDVD HD
  77. Facebook activates Safety Check after Brussels attacks
  78. Microsoft 'deeply sorry' for chatbot offenses
  79. You can now record 60-second videos in Instagram
  80. Toshiba Recalls Melting Battery Packs
  81. ZoneAlarm Antivirus
  82. ZoneAlarm Pro
  83. ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
  84. Sony PS4 Remote Play
  85. Millions of Firefox users vulnerable to browser extension flaw
  86. jv16 PowerTools X (
  87. Microsoft sues U.S. government over data requests
  88. Music streaming boosts sales of vinyl
  89. Running QuickTime on Windows? Uninstall Now
  90. Facebook will soon be able to automatically tag your friends in videos
  91. Drone May Have Hit Passenger Jet at Heathrow Airport
  92. Google: Android security is stronger than ever
  93. Report: Apple Settles Siri Suit for $25M
  94. Xbox 360 games console discontinued by Microsoft
  95. Facebook Messenger Launches Group Calls
  96. One million people watched pirated copies of the Game of Thrones premiere
  97. Facebook Wants To Launch Its Own Camera
  98. Nintendo to launch NX video game console next year
  99. Weasel knocks out CERN's powerful particle accelerator
  100. WinZip 20.5
  101. Instagram unveils new look
  102. WhatsApp expands to the desktop with Windows and Mac software
  103. Samsung unveils first 256GB microSD card
  104. WhatsApp 0.2.684 for Windows and Mac
  105. Map Shows You Who's Streaming on Facebook Live
  106. Hackers selling 117 million LinkedIn passwords
  107. Redfox AnyDVD HD
  108. Apple iTunes 12.4 (
  109. Facebook and Microsoft Are Laying a Giant Cable Across the Atlantic
  110. Microsoft Bans Stupid Passwords
  111. Reddit resets 100,000 user passwords as web security takes a battering
  112. Millions Of MySpace Account Details ‘Leaked Online’
  113. Apple iTunes 12.4.1 (
  114. 'Spam King' who sent 27 million Facebook messages gets 30 months in jail
  115. Facebook Messenger to put your favorites first
  116. Pidgin 2.11.0
  117. Instagram reaches half a billion users
  118. IsoBuster 3.8
  119. Woman Wins $10,000 After ‘Forced’ Windows 10 Upgrade
  120. Microsoft Will Kill Surface 3 In December
  121. uTorrent 3.4.7 (build 42330)
  122. Wheelchair user avatars are coming to Microsoft's Xbox
  123. Say Farewell to the BlackBerry Classic
  124. Microsoft ‘Preparing’ To Launch Surface All-In-One PC
  125. Kim Dotcom plans 2017 relaunch of Megaupload
  126. Twitter opens up application process for verified accounts
  127. RIP VHS: World's Last VCR Will Be Made This Month
  128. Nintendo NX detailed in new leak as a portable, cartridge-based console
  129. Instagram will soon let you filter comments on your own account
  130. Nintendo delays release of Pokemon Go Plus
  131. Android 7.0 Nougat could arrive August 5
  132. HP apologises after £1.58 laptop error
  133. WhatsApp ‘Doesn’t Fully Delete Messages’
  134. Apple iTunes 12.4.3 (
  135. Windows 10 Anniversary Update now available to download
  136. uTorrent 3.4.8 (build 42449)
  137. 'Quadrooter' Bug Puts Android Devices At Risk
  138. Sony’s upgraded PlayStation 4 will reportedly be unveiled next month
  139. 'World's largest' SSD revealed as Seagate unveils 60TB monster
  140. Battlefield 1’s open beta starts August 31
  141. RedFox AnyDVD HD
  142. Google will soon start punishing mobile sites that show hard-to-dismiss popups
  143. WhatsApp updates privacy policy, will begin sharing user info with Facebook
  144. PlayStation Network Gets Two-Factor Authentication
  145. Apple iPhone Event Set for Sept. 7
  146. Microsoft warns about new wave of Word macro viruses
  147. Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 phones after battery fires
  148. Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour Announced
  149. Apple iTunes 12.5.1 (
  150. eBay Launches 'Quick Sale' Smartphone Trade-In Site
  151. 500 million Yahoo accounts breached
  152. Google's 4K HDR Chromecast Ultra costs $69, and will launch in November
  153. Nero Burning ROM 2017
  154. Yahoo 'Temporarily' Disables Auto Email Forwarding
  155. Samsung Kills Off Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone
  156. RedFox AnyDVD HD
  157. FrostWire 6.4.0
  158. Note 7 recall: Samsung hit with legal suit
  159. WinZip 21.0
  160. WhatsApp Warned Over Data Sharing Policy Change
  161. Apple iTunes 12.5.2 (
  162. Microsoft will shrink and speed up Windows 10 updates
  163. WhatsApp Gets GIF-Friendly
  164. RedFox AnyDVD HD
  165. FrostWire 6.4.1
  166. Twitter finally empowers users to block trolling
  167. WhatsApp video calling coming soon
  168. Facebook's Zuckerberg offers plan to counter fake news sites
  169. Instagram joins the live streaming club
  170. Samsung: Galaxy S7s Are Not Exploding
  171. Apple Is Teasing a Black Friday Sale for the First Time in Years
  172. Amazon imposes limit on reviews
  173. Your Favorite Arcade Games Are Coming To Facebook
  174. The Samsung Galaxy S8 could give you super-sharp selfies
  175. Gooligan worms its way into Android phones, compromises one million Google accounts
  176. You can finally watch Netflix offline now
  177. Mozilla Firefox 50.0.2
  178. Amazon unveils plans for grocery shop with no checkouts
  179. Microsoft Closes Acquisition of LinkedIn
  180. AMD introduces Ryzen brand for highly anticipated Zen-based desktop processors
  181. Apple iTunes 12.5.4 (
  182. Facebook brings group video chats to Messenger
  183. IsoBuster 3.9
  184. Most-edited Wikipedia pages of 2016 revealed
  185. Firefox's Windows XP and Vista support will finally end in 2017
  186. RedFox AnyDVD HD
  187. 2017 leapt into the new year with an extra second of time
  188. Galaxy Note 8 to arrive in second half of 2017 as Samsung sticks with phablet brand
  189. Panasonic offers a flexible battery for wearables
  190. Microsoft will let some users take a time out on Windows 10 updates
  191. Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for January 2017
  192. Yahoo to become Altaba, lose Mayer after Verizon buyout
  193. FrostWire 6.4.3
  194. Mozilla Firefox 50.1.0
  195. Samsung announces what caused the Galaxy Note 7 to overheat and explode
  196. Microsoft will soon end Office 2013 distribution through Office 365
  197. ZoneAlarm Pro
  198. ZoneAlarm Antivirus
  199. Improve Windows 10 Battery Life With New Power Slider
  200. Microsoft expected to cull 700 jobs
  201. HP recalls more than 100,000 batteries for possible overheating
  202. Apple iTunes 12.5.5 (
  203. Mozilla Firefox 51.0.1
  204. Twitter is rolling out soon new features to counter abuse
  205. FrostWire 6.4.4
  206. Vizio to pay $2.2M on smart TV data gathering
  207. WhatsApp rolls out two-step verification to boost security offerings
  208. Cheating Frenchman sues Uber for tipping off wife about affair
  209. Facebook debuts vertical video format and confirms forthcoming TV apps
  210. FrostWire 6.4.5
  211. WhatsApp’s New Feature Continues Facebook’s Snapchat Mimicry
  212. EU privacy watchdogs say Windows 10 settings still raise concerns
  213. Google and Microsoft kick pirate websites off the front page
  214. Instagram now lets you share up to 10 photos and videos per post
  215. Microsoft still plans to ship two Windows 10 upgrades in 2017
  216. Google discloses unpatched IE flaw after Patch Tuesday delay
  217. Halo 5 Guardians headlines new Xbox subscription service
  218. CloudPets stuffed toys leak details of half a million users
  219. Microsoft relaxes some Windows 10 update and upgrade rules
  220. Mozilla Firefox 52.0
  221. FrostWire 6.4.6
  222. Samsung promises monthly security updates for unlocked Galaxy devices
  223. Snapchat brings Bitmoji widgets to your home screen
  224. Pidgin 2.12.0
  225. Mozilla Firefox 52.0.1
  226. Samsung’s new virtual assistant will make using your phone easier
  227. Mozilla beats rivals, patches Firefox's Pwn2Own bug
  228. Samsung Galaxy S8 could have a 3-month refund policy
  229. Apple iTunes 12.6 (
  230. Freeserve, Orange and Wanadoo email to be shut down in May
  231. Instagram adds two-factor authentication, security features
  232. AnyDVD HD
  233. Microsoft winds up work on Windows 10 Creators Update
  234. Microsoft sued over Windows 10 updates that 'destroyed data'
  235. Mozilla Firefox 52.0.2
  236. DDR5 memory is on its way, twice as fast as DDR4
  237. YouTube will no longer allow creators to make money until they reach 10,000 views
  238. Facebook is trying to school users about spotting fake news
  239. Microsoft pushes ahead with Redstone 3, the next big Windows 10 update
  240. Microsoft Windows says hasta la Vista
  241. FrostWire 6.4.7
  242. Microsoft will unveil Project Scorpio, the next Xbox, at E3
  243. Microsoft kills off security bulletins after several stays
  244. Mozilla Firefox 53.0
  245. Don't install the Windows 10 Creators Update on your own, Microsoft advises
  246. Nintendo sold 2.7 million Switch consoles to date
  247. Meet Nintendo’s new $150 2DS XL console, launching July 28
  248. WinZip 21.5
  249. Facebook’s Messenger games are now available to everyone
  250. Microsoft to cut update ties between Edge and Windows 10