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  1. Microsoft Offering Up to $100,000 for Identity Bugs
  2. Microsoft to dump Windows 10's smaller delta updates
  3. Twitter says that it will begin suspending repeatedly abusive Periscope commenters
  4. Mozilla Firefox 61.0.1
  5. AnyDVD HD
  6. Apple iTunes 12.8 (
  7. Google blasts you with Windows and Mac error messages in new Chromebook ad
  8. Firefox will get a new icon again, because today's is too confining
  9. Apple Removes Apps From iTunes Affiliate Program
  10. Snapchat's new Lenses respond to your voice not your face
  11. Fortnite for Android will ditch Google Play Store for Epic’s website
  12. Mozilla Firefox 61.0.2
  13. Google names Android 9.0, Pie - available now
  14. Google updates site to admit it still tracks you even with Location History off
  15. Google might finally sell Pixel devices at retail stores
  16. Next Windows 10 update nearing completion as it gets its official name
  17. Gmail Confidential Mode lets you send top-secret emails on your phone
  18. FrostWire 6.7.2
  19. Facebook Starts Giving Users a Reputation Score to Tackle Fake News
  20. Gmail's Android app now lets you undo sending an email
  21. Microsoft prepares to kill the Windows 8 store: No new apps from November
  22. Hackers Stole Personal Data of 2 Million T-Mobile Customers
  23. Facebook Watch is launching worldwide
  24. jv16 PowerTools (
  25. Windows 10’s next major update arrives in October
  26. Microsoft to end device limits for consumer Office 365 subscribers
  27. Windows 10 support extended again: September releases now get 30 months
  28. Xbox One Now Connects to Alexa and Cortana Devices
  29. Mozilla Firefox 62.0
  30. Microsoft Windows U-turn removes warning about installing Chrome, Firefox
  31. Firefox calls it quits on antiquated Windows XP, Vista
  32. Microsoft plans to sell post-2020 support for Windows 7
  33. Apple iTunes 12.9 (
  34. Twitter Bug May Have Exposed Direct Messages
  35. Sony enabling Fortnite cross-play for PS4 against Xbox and Switch
  36. 300 million people use Facebook Stories every day
  37. Microsoft to Bring Keyboard and Mouse Support to Xbox One
  38. New Version of Nintendo Switch Reportedly Planned for 2019
  39. Facebook increases account deletion grace period to 30 days
  40. Mozilla Firefox 62.0.3
  41. WinRAR 5.61
  42. Microsoft ships the final security updates for Windows 10 Home, Pro 1703
  43. uTorrent 3.5.4 (build 44632)
  44. WinAmp 5.8 Beta (Build 3660)
  45. Mozilla Firefox 63.0
  46. Samsung's foldable phone may go public next week
  47. Private messages from 81,000 Facebook accounts were put up for sale by hackers
  48. jv16 PowerTools (
  49. AnyDVD HD
  50. WinZip 23
  51. Microsoft Warns Windows 10 Has An Expensive Problem
  52. Microsoft is said to be building an Xbox with no disc drive
  53. Firefox to Display Warning if You Visit a Site That's Been Breached
  54. Mozilla Firefox 63.0.3
  55. Alexa can now make Skype calls
  56. Fake Google Android driving apps claim half a million victims
  57. Valve Discontinues Steam Link Hardware
  58. YouTube is rolling out its Instagram-like Stories feature to more creators
  59. Mozilla Firefox 64.0
  60. Facebook's latest app data bug exposed the private photos of 6.8m users
  61. FrostWire 6.7.6
  62. Microsoft delivers emergency patch for under-attack IE
  63. Microsoft offers up Windows 10 1809 to nervy seekers
  64. AnyDVD HD
  65. Tell Google Assistant to 'make a donation' and it will
  66. Windows 10 Takes Over Windows 7
  67. Samsung Leak Suddenly 'Confirms' Radical Galaxy S10
  68. Facebook Messenger reportedly tests dark mode in some regions
  69. Mozilla Firefox 64.0.2
  70. Facebook employs UK fact-checkers to combat fake news
  71. Microsoft to Remove Cortana From Windows 10 Search Bar
  72. Facebook could face record fine from US regulators, report says
  73. FrostWire 6.7.7
  74. Zuckerberg Plans to Integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger
  75. Apple's next-gen AirPods could respond to 'Hey Siri'
  76. Microsoft Ships Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18323 to Fast Ring
  77. Twitter is testing a new way to determine where a tweet started
  78. Apple delays update for FaceTime eavesdropping bug
  79. Microsoft to end IE10 support years early, tells enterprises to upgrade to IE11
  80. Apple iTunes 12.9.3 (
  81. Mozilla Firefox 65.0
  82. Instagram Tests Direct Messages on the Web
  83. AnyDVD HD
  84. Microsoft starts testing a version of Windows 10 it won’t release until 2020
  85. Mozilla Firefox 65.0.1
  86. You may want to hold off buying a 5G phone until 2020
  87. Huawei's P30 flagship now has a launch date
  88. jv16 PowerTools (
  89. Mozilla Firefox 65.0.2
  90. WinRAR 5.70
  91. Amazon stops selling Dash buttons
  92. Microsoft to offer Band refunds, announces end of apps and services
  93. A recent Windows 10 update is hurting game performance and messing with mice
  94. Microsoft to start selling Windows 7 add-on support April 1
  95. Snapchat may launch a gaming platform as early as next month
  96. Microsoft tests 50-person Skype calls
  97. HP recalls 78,500 more laptop batteries because of fire concerns
  98. Windows 10 Update Installs Can Be Delayed for 35 Days
  99. Apple Watch may spot heart problem, but more research is needed
  100. Microsoft Defender is jumping from Windows to Mac
  101. Intel promises 9th-gen mobile Core processors will arrive 'very, very soon'
  102. Facebook Stored Up to 600M User Passwords in Plain Text
  103. Mozilla Firefox 66.0
  104. Apple launches $9.99 Apple News Plus with more than 300 magazines
  105. jv16 PowerTools (
  106. FrostWire 6.7.8
  107. Windows 10 20H1 Gets a New Insider Build
  108. Mozilla Firefox 66.0.2
  109. Virgin Media named worst ISP for outages by Which?
  110. WhatsApp now lets you control who can add you to a group
  111. Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser is now officially available to test
  112. Windows 10 Switches to 'Quick Removal' for USB Drives
  113. Facebook to clearly explain how it uses consumer data: EU
  114. BlackBerry Messenger is shutting down in May
  115. Google to police new app developers more closely
  116. Mozilla Firefox 66.0.3
  117. AnyDVD HD
  118. OnePlus 7 series event set for May 14th
  119. Samsung retrieving all Galaxy Fold samples after defect reports - source
  120. Microsoft blocks Windows 10 May 2019 Update on PCs that use USB storage or SD cards
  121. PlayStation 5 won't launch before April 2020, Sony says
  122. Facebook is cracking down on personality quizzes
  123. Apple Three-Prong AC Wall Plug Adapter Recall Program
  124. Samsung denies Galaxy S10 5G phone burnt from malfunctioning
  125. Instagram is testing hiding your likes
  126. Facebook’s Portal is getting WhatsApp support and launching internationally
  127. Samsung unveils TV that can switch to vertical mode
  128. WinRAR 5.71
  129. Microsoft's Solitaire Is Finally Getting Honored in the Video Game Hall of Fame
  130. Google adding automatic deletion option for Location Services and Web & App Activity
  131. Microsoft is going to ship a full Linux kernel in Windows 10
  132. Twitter lets you add GIFs to retweets
  133. The New Microsoft Edge Browser Will Have an ‘IE Mode’
  134. Mozilla Firefox 66.0.4
  135. Apple iTunes 12.9.4 (
  136. Nike uses AR to help you find the right fit for your sneakers
  137. Windows 10: Microsoft is bringing back one of Windows 95’s most popular features
  138. Minecraft Classic can now be played for free in your web browser
  139. 64-megapixel phone cameras are coming
  140. The Play Store is starting to suggest removing unused apps
  141. Install updates now to address a vulnerability in most Intel CPUs
  142. Spotify is testing a voice-controlled gadget for cars
  143. Minecraft AR game could be the next Pokémon GO phenomenon
  144. Microsoft sets post-retirement patching record with Windows XP fix
  145. The YouTube Gaming app is shutting down this week
  146. Samsung chips promise secure 100W USB-C fast charging
  147. Apple announces its first new iPod in four years
  148. RIP iTunes as we know it. Apple breaks up iconic music platform
  149. Facebook is stopping Huawei from pre-installing its apps
  150. Google's gaming system Stadia is coming in November
  151. AnyDVD HD
  152. Atari Brings the New Atari VCS Video Computer System to Life
  153. Samsung eyes Galaxy Note 10 launch on Aug. 7 in New York
  154. Twitter removes support for precise geotagging because no one uses it
  155. WhatsApp test shares your Status to Facebook with one click
  156. YouTube introducing changes to give people more control over recommended videos
  157. Instagram will start placing ads on the Explore page
  158. Samsung has reportedly fixed the Galaxy Fold
  159. Facebook, Instagram and other platforms back online after experiencing issues
  160. PlayStation Classic hits all-time low price of $24.99
  161. AnyDVD HD
  162. Windows 10 takes a giant leap towards killing passwords forever
  163. 'Agent Smith' Android Malware Infected 25M Devices
  164. FrostWire 6.8.0
  165. Google has announced the launch of 65 new emojis with its AndroidQ
  166. Chrome and Firefox extensions stealing customer data
  167. Instagram will now warn you before disabling your account
  168. Microsoft starts Windows 10's 1803-to-1903 forced upgrade
  169. Apple Siri Eavesdropping Puts Millions Of Users At Risk
  170. Amazon lets Alexa users disable human voice recording review
  171. FrostWire 6.8.1
  172. Apple expands its bug bounty, increases maximum payout to $1M
  173. Huawei unveils its rival to Android. It's called Harmony
  174. Windows 10 serves up more update pain with a side order of random reboots
  175. Serious Bluetooth flaw leaves devices open to attack
  176. Instagram now lets users flag misinformation
  177. Android Q quits sweet naming tradition. Is now Android 10
  178. Google Photos' face-grouping feature comes to Europe
  179. Google finds evidence of attempted mass iPhone hack
  180. Gmail's new out of office warning will stop you sending unwanted emails
  181. Microsoft resurrects PowerToys for Windows 10
  182. Sony releases a Walkman for its 40th anniversary
  183. FrostWire 6.8.2
  184. Google removes 24 more malware-filled apps that amassed 500,000 downloads
  185. EA Launches Surprise Cloud Gaming Trial With Four Games
  186. Apple unveils iPhone 11
  187. AnyDVD HD
  188. WinZip 24.0
  189. Faster Wi-Fi officially launches today
  190. OnePlus to Reveal 7T Phones on Sept. 26
  191. Google Maps is testing its incognito mode with some users now
  192. Amazon Launches Amazon Music HD
  193. You can finally hide replies to your tweets -- at least for now
  194. AnyDVD HD
  195. Minecraft Is Getting a Character Creator
  196. Google Chrome is getting way better tab management soon
  197. YouTube Music will replace Play Music as a pre-installed app in Android 10
  198. Microsoft delivers emergency security update for antiquated IE
  199. FIFA 20 Kicks Off
  200. Amazon Music now available on Apple TV 4K
  201. FrostWire 6.8.3
  202. Samsung warning: Galaxy S10 and Note 10 owners should remove their screen protectors
  203. Netflix to crack down on users sharing passwords with friends and family
  204. AnyDVD HD
  205. Incognito Mode for Google Maps has arrived on Android
  206. Google to buy Fitbit in $2.1 billion deal
  207. Google enlists outside help to clean up Android’s malware mess
  208. Apple bans vaping apps from the iOS App Store
  209. Microsoft's Game Streaming Service xCloud to Launch Next Year
  210. Microsoft delivers service pack-like Windows 10 1909
  211. Apple Pulls Reviews From Online Store Product Listings
  212. Twitter now lets everyone hide replies to their tweets
  213. Microsoft delays Surface Earbuds until next year
  214. Instagram will now ask new users to provide their age
  215. AnyDVD HD
  216. 44 million Microsoft users reused passwords in the first three months of 2019