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  1. MPAA Thinks Evidence Is Overrated
  2. Microsoft VP confirms Windows 7 ship date: January 2010
  3. Microsoft denies XP a last-minute reprieve
  4. Linux developers push for open drivers
  5. Gates exits, leaving Ballmer in Microsoft spotlight
  6. Adobe says Acrobat 9 is good to go
  7. Man sells his life on eBay
  8. Vista Service Pack Patched
  9. Chrysler to offer in-car surfing
  10. Microsoft Hyper-V now available
  11. Windows Vista Won't Be Inside Intel
  12. Bill Gates logs off
  13. Hackers Hijack Sites of Internet Organizations
  14. Rhapsody Launches DRM-Free Music Store
  15. Dell Mobility Services Aim To Protect Laptop Data
  16. Creator of Nugache Worm Reaches Plea Agreement
  17. Windows XP Officially Retired By Microsoft
  18. Microsoft Internet Explorer Vulnerability Warning Issued
  19. Apple OS update fixes Adobe corruption bug
  20. Google announces closure date for Adsense Referral program
  21. IE 8 to have anti-malware protection
  22. Microsoft Launches Subscription-Based Office Program
  23. Linspire getting swallowed by Xandros
  24. Sony PlayStation site victim of SQL-injection attack
  25. Critical Flaws Open Up Firefox 2.0x To Attack
  26. Google Ordered To Release Data On YouTube Users
  27. Four 'important' Microsoft patches due Tuesday
  28. Shocking Baby Launch Video Lands Teen Behind Bars
  29. Mozilla claims Guinness Record for downloads
  30. Nothing stealthy about this Windows Update update
  31. US broadband take-up slows
  32. Microsoft To Launch Windows Small Business Server 2008 On Nov. 12
  33. Pioneer Develops 400-Gbyte Blu-ray Compatible Disc
  34. Trojan Poses as July 4th Video
  35. Ending tussle, Google adds privacy link to home page
  36. Microsoft Warns Of Zero-Day Vulnerability In Access Snapshot Viewer
  37. Windows XP SP3 to reach most users 'shortly,' says Microsoft
  38. Gmail now blocking fake eBay, PayPal e-mails
  39. Microsoft: The Vista Bullying Stops Here
  40. iPhone UK websites swamped before Friday launch
  41. Flickr users get chance to sell photos through Getty
  42. Microsoft's Vista Compatibility Center Is Offline
  43. Google Launches Virtual World Called 'Lively'
  44. ZoneLabs details Microsoft patch workarounds
  45. Microsoft Office Under Attack Again
  46. Windows XP SP3 Hits Microsoft's Automatic Update Service
  47. Microsoft fixes month-old WSUS patch snafu
  48. Apple Servers Fail To Handle iPhone Frenzy
  49. Airports to scan for illegal downloads?
  50. Can you trust your business to Google's cloud?
  51. Rare Marley, Skynyrd performances sold online
  52. Homer Simpson accused of spreading malware
  53. Woman jailed for hiring internet hit man
  54. Spam King Faces Sentencing
  55. World's oldest blogger signs off singing aged 108
  56. Microsoft to Stream Netflix Movies on Xbox 360
  57. Microsoft points piracy finger at children
  58. Windows will be killed by virtual appliances: VMware exec
  59. Microsoft Opens Door Wider On Live Mesh
  60. Gmail Privacy Hole Shows User Names
  61. Baseball Goes High Tech To Fight Piracy
  62. AOL Spammer: You've Got Jail
  63. Spammers tout 'nude' Angelina Jolie pix
  64. Amazon to launch movie, TV streaming service this summer
  65. Cable Industry Vows to Block Child Porn Web Sites
  66. EU cracks down on ring-tone swindles
  67. Millionaire posts divorce payout online
  68. Mom Challenges Prince Over Copyright In SJ Court
  69. Home servers may render CD racks obsolete
  70. Hacker team releases iPhone 2.0 jailbreak
  71. Facebook Redesigns Web Site
  72. Update Your Browser
  73. Sky duets with Universal for online music
  74. Spammer sent down for 47 months
  75. Google closes in on Digg
  76. Record labels ask judge for ruling against Lime Wire
  77. Kaminsky DNS Flaw Details Leaked Accidentally
  78. Dodgy Chinese Nintendo chargers recalled
  79. Website claims to help drivers avoid speed traps
  80. Microsoft: Windows 7 on track
  81. Yahoo's Zimbra Desktop: Give Us All Your E-mail
  82. Microsoft confirms IE 8 will ship this year
  83. Britain agrees plan to tackle online music piracy
  84. Spam King in Murder-Suicide
  85. Microsoft looks to Facebook to expand Live Search
  86. NFL To Stream Sunday Night Football Live
  87. Microsoft Calls Forrester's Windows Vista Report 'Schizophrenic'
  88. China becomes biggest net nation
  89. Gateway to Stop Selling PCs Through Web Site
  90. Yahoo to Offer Refunds for Ex-Yahoo Music Customers
  91. 'Cool' new rival set to challenge Google?
  92. Mother Ship Unveiled for $200,000 Place in Space
  93. Police shame 999 time wasters on YouTube
  94. Microsoft's Mojave Reveals Vista 'Truths'
  95. NASA hacker McKinnon loses latest extradition fight
  96. Microsoft Prepares For Post-Windows Era With 'Midori'
  97. Amazon unveils online-payments service
  98. FBI warns of new Storm worm variant
  99. Ancient Greeks used "computer" to set Olympics date
  100. Universal launches DRM-free Lost Tunes
  101. Ancient Greeks used "computer" to set Olympics date
  102. Apple DNS Security Patch Flawed, Leaves Users At Risk
  103. New worm targets Facebook, MySpace
  104. Nvidia Shoots Down Report That It's Exiting Chipsets
  105. NY man arrested for YouTube baby food threat
  106. Firefox closer to supporting open source video codec
  107. Microsoft Seeks Beta Testers For Internet Explorer 8
  108. Google accused on privacy views
  109. A photo that can steal your Facebook account
  110. Microsoft Silverlight Ready For Olympics Closeup
  111. Microsoft to give partners heads-up on security vulnerabilities
  112. Apple releases iPhone software 2.0.1
  113. Adobe warns of bogus Flash Player installers
  114. Grand Theft Auto withdrawn in Thailand after copycat killing
  115. NASA Dispels Internet Rumors About Life On Mars
  116. Mozilla's New Aurora Browser: The Web Of The Future
  117. Internet security flaw described as worst in 10 years
  118. Microsoft releases SQL Server 2008
  119. Hacking ring nabbed by US authorities
  120. Mozilla Announces Snowl Messaging Project
  121. Spammers leverage interest in Olympics
  122. Woman Sentenced for Web Site With 'obscene' Stories
  123. English "Lord" puts life up for sale on eBay
  124. Microsoft yanks Money off retail shelves
  125. 'Paris Hilton for President' Video Goes Viral
  126. Microsoft Plans 12 Security Fixes For Aug. 12 'Patch Tuesday'
  127. Facebook Tries To Exterminate Worm
  128. Black Hat: Windows Jingle Attack Exposed
  129. Man charged with using webcam to spy on women
  130. Jobs Confirms Existence of iPhone 'Back Door'
  131. Journalists expelled from Black Hat for hacking competitors
  132. Invisibility cloak 'step closer'
  133. Best Buy to sell gadgets in airport vending machines
  134. Some Beijing Olympic Fireworks Faked
  135. Gmail Back in Service after Outage
  136. Fake IE7 attack surfaces
  137. Microsoft updates developer tools
  138. States may tax iTunes, other digital downloads
  139. Gates: Privacy a 'challenge' as software advances
  140. Yahoo's Fire Eagle Ready To Fly
  141. Facebook Now Social Network Leader
  142. Intel releases part of draft USB 3.0 spec
  143. Dutch police smash Shadow botnet
  144. Italy blocks Swedish file-sharing site
  145. Windows 7 details to come in October
  146. YouTube User Sues Google Because He Feels He Deserves Something
  147. Gmail users report yet another outage
  148. Court says Britain should not send hacker to U.S.
  149. Overheating iPod Nanos? Japan investigates
  150. Microsoft to alpha test Office 14 before end of year
  151. Microsoft Photosynth Goes Live
  152. Windows Vista Gripes Drive 86% Adoption Rate For SP1
  153. eBay Slashes 'Buy It Now' Fees For Sellers
  154. Windows 7 Drivers Are Available
  155. Microsoft Partners Puzzled Over Seinfeld Choice
  156. Microsoft confesses to posting a flawed update
  157. Mozilla Unleashes TraceMonkey For Firefox
  158. Microsoft adds privacy tools to IE8
  159. Microsoft completes Small Business Server 2008
  160. Adobe Launches Photoshop Elements 7, Photoshop.com Storage
  161. Roxio's Creator 2009 Includes HD, Mobile Support
  162. One million bank customers' details sold on eBay
  163. Mozilla's 'Ubiquity' Ties Content Together
  164. Report Of Steve Jobs' Death Greatly Exaggerated
  165. Windows XP Piracy Badgering Set To Begin
  166. Microsoft warns of IE8 lock-in with XP SP3
  167. Spammers Use 'Hijacked' Babies To Lure Victims
  168. British man to face hacking charges in U.S.
  169. Alphabet Decides Who Gets Most Spam
  170. Microsoft readying apps store for Windows Mobile?
  171. Nokia Launches 'Comes With Music' In U.K.
  172. First digital TV market to go live next week
  173. 'Happy Birthday to GNU' marks 25 years
  174. Chrome suffers first security flaw
  175. Amazon to Sell OLPC XO Laptops From November
  176. Sony Recalls VAIO Notebooks Over 'Burn Hazard'
  177. Microsoft To Issue Four Critical Patches
  178. Microsoft Launches $300M Windows Campaign
  179. Google defends its T&Cs
  180. Microsoft sets Hyper-V free
  181. Google Expands Historical Search In Old Newspapers
  182. EU welcomes Google move to cut data retention time
  183. RIAA, MPAA resume lobbying push to expand copyright law
  184. Obama sex video? Hardly. It's spyware spreading via e-mail
  185. iTunes 8 takes down Vista with 'blue screen of death'
  186. Microsoft hires Vista gurus
  187. MS defends IE 'phone home' feature, clarifies privacy policy
  188. Integrated circuit is 50 years old
  189. Best Buy to Buy Napster for $121M
  190. Berners-Lee project aims to ensure 'One Web'
  191. Microsoft Seeks End To Identity Theft
  192. Microsoft issues wrong update for Exchange 2007
  193. Facebook fills photo security hole
  194. First Google Phone to Be Announced Sept. 23
  195. Porn passed over as Web users become social: author
  196. Apple mega-patch covers 34 Mac OS X security issues
  197. Windows Live hopes Wave 3 is a good ride
  198. Windows 7 said to hit milestone
  199. Brad Pitt most dangerous search on the web
  200. Microsoft Drops Seinfeld For Its Own PC Guy
  201. Yahoo Begins Radical Home Page Overhaul
  202. Trojan masquerades as iPhone game
  203. Bill Gates Tops Forbes List Of Wealthy Americans
  204. QuickTime and iTunes DoS exploit released
  205. Google denies disassembling Vista software
  206. Apple Recalls iPhone 3G Power Adapter
  207. Microsoft to buy back stock, raise dividend
  208. SanDisk Teams with Music Industry on New Music Format
  209. Next Windows Live Suite Leaks to Web
  210. Long Zune outage coming Monday
  211. Microsoft To Unveil Windows 7 Preview At PDC
  212. Hole in Adobe software allows free movie downloads
  213. Man charged in 'warez' piracy sentenced to probation
  214. 'Clickjacking' Attack Prompts Warning To Disable Browser Plug-Ins
  215. MySpace launches net music store
  216. EC call for 'universal' broadband
  217. Microsoft Announces Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0
  218. Police 'find' author of notorious Gpcode virus
  219. Wal-Mart to shut down its DRM servers
  220. Digital music showdown
  221. MPAA Sues RealNetworks Over RealDVD Ripper
  222. Dell Offers PC Pre-Loaded With Movies
  223. Microsoft Says Pirated Software Invites Disaster
  224. Microsoft still paying people to search
  225. Ballmer: Microsoft will soon release 'Windows Cloud' OS
  226. Free version of Hyper-V now available
  227. Fans unite in auction to save Superman's house
  228. Virgin Media launches Mobile Broadband
  229. Bank robber hires decoys on Craigslist, fools cops
  230. Two Europeans Charged in US Over DDOS Attacks
  231. Apple Shoots Down Rumor Of Jobs' Heart Attack
  232. Windows XP gets another lifeline
  233. Hack and tell: Teen hacker Mafiaboy writes memoir
  234. Microsoft fights Ballmer testimony in 'Vista Capable' suit
  235. Ask.com upgrade to add improved relevance, speed
  236. Microsoft Reveals Plans For 'Kilimanjaro' SQL Server
  237. RealNetworks Halts Sales of RealDVD
  238. Ford's key-with-a-chip to control teen drivers
  239. Mozilla's Geode brings geographic Web to Firefox
  240. AMD to Split Into Two Operations
  241. O.J. Simpson guilty verdict could lead to malicious spam
  242. Microsoft and GoDaddy launch hosted mail service
  243. Google launches AdSense for Games
  244. Steve Wozniak predicts death of the iPod
  245. YouTube adds 'click to buy' for music, video games
  246. Facebook begins offering Live search
  247. Apple Invites Journalists to Notebook Launch
  248. Asus warns of infected Eee Box PCs
  249. Site Shows Porn Without the Sex
  250. Microsoft to improve Vista's problematic UAC in Windows 7