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Thread: Intel hits 'thermal wall' - its latest chip hotter and slower

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    Intel hits 'thermal wall' - its latest chip hotter and slower

    NEW YORK - The warning came first from a group of hobbyists who test the speeds of computer chips.

    This year, the group discovered that Intel's newest microprocessor was running slower and hotter than its predecessor.

    What they had stumbled on was a major threat to Intel's longstanding approach to dominating the semiconductor industry - relentlessly raising the clock speed of its chips.

    Then, two weeks ago, Intel, the world's largest chip-maker, publicly acknowledged that it had hit a 'thermal wall' on its microprocessor line.

    Full Article from: The Straits Times Interactive
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    So they are going with a dual core? What happens when that is too slow? A tri-core? Quadri-core?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Booger
    So they are going with a dual core? What happens when that is too slow? A tri-core? Quadri-core?
    Perhaps, or more agressive cooling options, ie mainstream water cooling

    But I wouldnt be surprised with quad-core systems, since big servers already have 4-, 8- etc way processing... they would just use distributed computing techniques down to microprocessor levels.

    It could work, as die sizes get smaller and smaller, werent Intel looking for 65nm for P5? Lol, they will soon need X-RAY or E-Beam guidance to lay the ties, as Optics wont have the resolution ... hehe

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    AMD 64 is the way to go right now,but by the time M$ releases XP 64 bit windows,Intel will have it's answer mainsteam chip for sale ,at a hefty price,of course.
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    I think the board makers are going to have to start enhancing preformance bus speed wise and what not as I think these chips are fast enough. I think I saw benchmarks of Athlon 2400 running on dualchannel memory boards comming close to PIV 3 gightz Intel.

    Thought it was at toms hardware but can't find it now. Really interesting though, PC 2700 Ram or wot not cost mor than the AMD chip and the ASUS board combined.

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