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Thread: USB Memory Stick Problems...

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    Unhappy USB Memory Stick Problems...

    I bought a memory stick to use on iMac comps (9.1)
    It said on the back it can be used on MAC 9.X and X.X versions...
    But it seems like it only works on certain iMacs and doesn't work sometimes!!
    Is this the USB problem or the iMac? (no comments from anti-MACS plz...)
    I asked a technician and he said that if you plug in itto different comps alot than it gets messed up and stuff like that....Is this true???
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    well I had one that was faulty and I was transfering files from one pc to another acouple of times right after another and it asked me to reformat. It ended up I had to take it back to the store and get replaced.

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    I have had a 64MB cigar drive for nearly 18 months. I keep diagnostic and utilities on it. Carry it in my pocket like someone would carry a pocket knife. I have used it on many different computers without the first problem. Like it so much that I will probably buy another, this time a much bigger one.
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