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Thread: Internet Speed decreased by router

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    Internet Speed decreased by router

    I don't know that much about computers, but I know enough how to set up my router. I have 2 computers and an xbox internet connection hooked up to the router which uses a cable modem to access the internet. Lately the connection speed has been very slow. It was pretty fast for a while on Bit Torrent at like 70kbs, but now it won't get above 10kbs. The general internet is also slower. Is there anything I can do to make it go faster? Thanx for any help.

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    Do you also use Direct Connect for file sharing? And does BT have an option to throttle uploads if they slow downloads? Don't use BT but on DC++ ther is that option which I used to use. Sounds like I had the same problem as your having now. I solved by turning that option off.

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