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Thread: New Nforce Driver.. Now Freezes computer at restart/shutdown screen

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    New Nforce Driver.. Now Freezes computer at restart/shutdown screen

    Hi guys,

    Got a problem, I updated my Nforce2 drivers and ever since ive done this my computer has been freezing at the shutdown screen either when i restart or shutdown. I have to press the restart button computer for it to reboot

    I discovered that when i remove my graphic drivers which are for my radeon 9700 pro which are the latest graphic drivers available the problem goes away and i can restart fine and shutdown fine so there is a conflict or something with the nforce and the radeon drivers but there was no problem before only since i updated my nforce drivers.

    My bios is up to date and my nforce drivers and radeon drivers are up to date so unsure what the problem is. Ive been working at fixing it for days and only solution i see is going back to old nforce drivers which i would prefer not to do as the new drivers give me quite a big performance boost.

    So any idea's id love to hear them please.

    Thanks again!

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    You could try going to Computer Properties>Hardware> Device Manager>System Devices>Nvidia nforce2 AGP Host to PCI Bridge and right click, select uninstall then reboot and let it reinstall.

    If that doesn't work then rollback to the old drivers and see if problem is gone, just to make sure its the drivers. If this fixes the problem then uninstall your Nvidia drivers and use Driver Cleaner, reboot and install the drivers again.

    I don't know what big performance increase your getting over the older drivers ?? but if the old drivers work I'd just use them and update the sound drivers if your using Sound Storm.

    As far as I'm concerned, other than the sound/graphics drivers there hasn't been any real improvement in the Nforce2 drivers since the originals. As of today the Nividia SW IDE drivers either work or they don't

    Lets us know the status

    BTW Welcome to TZ
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    WOOHOO i could kiss you i really could i uninstalled that agp to pci thing restarted and then had to reinstall the radeon graphic drivers. Thought it didnt work but just restarted and worked and then to make sure did it again and restarted!

    Thank you so much u rock

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    Fastgame da man!!

    He r0x0r

    (Nice tip FG)

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