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Thread: Zone Alarm 5.0 Reviews; Good & Bad

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    Zone Alarm 5.0 Reviews; Good & Bad

    ZA5 Reactions From Readers---- and from ZoneLabs!

    Several issues ago, I reported that I and others were having troubles
    with the new Zone Alarm 5; I suggested you wait before upgrading, so ZA
    could get the bugs out. Many of you then wrote in to share your
    experiences, pro and con:

    Fred, The new ZoneAlarm works great on my computer. I use most
    of the same software you have, but with one exception. I do
    not use Norton antivirus. I use NOD 32. It is very simple to
    disable the AV feature. just check disable. I stopped using
    Norton when: I had System works (includes AV) and Antispam on
    my system and a virus infected my computer( I updated them
    daily). I downloaded Nod 32 and have had no further problems.
    eliminating the Norton programs really freed up a lot of
    resources. And is probably why Zone Alarm works flawlessly on
    my computer. The AV option does not work with NOD32 but I have
    not disabled it as it causes no problems. Thanks, Roger

    Fred, have a little problem also with new version 5.0 from
    ZoneLabs. Here is some information from their web site that
    may help.
    Question 1 deals with McAffee problems. Also further down
    the page it gives information as to how to get the previous
    edition till they iron out the problems with the new edition.

    Hello Fred, I'm writing this email to let you know that after
    installing zonealarm 5 (the newest version) my high speed
    cable internet was limited to 2.6 Mbits instead of 4.5 Mbits.
    After removing the new version and going back to the 4.X one
    the speed went back to normal! You can add me to the list of
    unhappy users of the new zonealarm which IS becoming more
    complex and less useful! Thanks, [anonymous]

    In addition to the problems that you outlined in yesterday's
    LangaList, I have had an other one: I'm not able to use IIS
    locally. This makes development very difficult since Visual
    Studio is not able to connect to a site, either. There are
    numerous complaints about this on the ZoneLabs? forums, too. I
    blogged this issue at: . ---Rich

    Fred, I installed version 5 of ZA a couple of weeks ago as an
    update and it has worked perfectly, to my knowledge, ever
    since. I am using their MailSafe as well as Norton System
    Works 2003 on an XP system. This has been one of the easiest
    upgrades of ZA ever for me as they usually cause me some kind
    of problem. I think it was something about True Vector last
    time. I wonder what the difference is? ---Joe Hahn

    Fred: Your newsletter is often a lifesaver. The new ZA version
    unfortunately brought my computer ( Win XP Pro) to a
    shuddering halt ? IE 6.1 froze when accessing page links;
    boot was reduced to a crawl; and CHKDSK, although scheduled
    did not run. Reinstalled Ver. 4.5 and all was well again.
    Regards, Michael

    Hi Fred, I installed this latest ZoneAlarm Pro security update
    the other day and didn't think much about it. I play an older
    multiplayer game online; Quake II. Quake II has a built-in
    graphical line condition display that shows ping spikes/lost
    packets. I found after installing ZoneAlarm's update that I
    was getting all kinds of ping spikes and lost packets while
    playing QII online, when normally I have an excellent
    connection. The game connection was perfect after shutting
    down ZA Pro. I've never had to shut off ZA to play the game
    before; my multiplayer conditions were never affected by ZA.
    ZA Pro's security update includes a couple of new features,
    one of which is Antivirus monitoring. That's turned on by
    default. I turned it off and tried the game again with ZA Pro
    running. No good.Turned off ZA Pro and the game was fine
    again. Rebooted and experimented as above with no changes. ZA
    Pro was hampering my multiplayer gaming making it unplayable
    (several times when framerates would just stop momentarily).
    So, looks like I'm going to have to shut the protection off
    before playing the game now, which is unfortunate. ---Rick

    Hi Fred, I too have used Zone Alarm Pro for quite some time,
    unfortunately, I downloaded the latest version, version 5. It
    would not let me browse and would hang up my computer and
    would not let me end the program, so I was force to turn the
    power off. I contacted my ISP (AOL) and they had me do all
    kind of tweaks to AOL and the browser to no avail. Finally, I
    uninstalled version 5 and reinstalled version 4, now
    everything is back to normal. ---Sam

    Fred, I too ended up with ZA V5 issues. NAV2003 stopped
    scanning my emails altogether. Following Markeau's advice I
    uninstalled ZA. Now NAV works like it used to. ---Scott

    Hi Fred--- I've installed it on 3 different WinXP Pro and Home
    systems, all running NAV 2004 with zero problems. I've not
    seen any slowdowns or had any trouble with Eudora since the
    upgrade. Best regards, Mark

    But then there's this--- a note from ZoneLabs tech support saying
    essentially what we said when we first discussed this: Stick with
    version 4 for now...

    Fred: Thought you might be interested in this response from
    Zone Labs. Regards, Michael J. Hinz

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Zone Labs Technical Support
    Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 8:24 PM
    Subject: Zone Labs Technical Support: Tech Support Ticket:
    Upgrade Issues
    ...Thank you for your email Michael, We are aware of some
    issues with the latest version of ZoneAlarm and are working to
    have these resolved as soon as possible. So far, the only fix
    for this issue is to uninstall ZoneAlarm Pro 5.0, and then
    reinstall ZoneAlarm Pro 4.5. Thank you for your patience.
    Regards, Andrew N. ZoneLabs technical support....

    Finally, I also heard directly from the ZA folks. They acknowledge the
    problems and said:

    ...we are gathering more information so we can provide the
    best fix, as soon as possible. If your users would like to
    contact us to help us get a solution that works for their
    specific setup, they can do so through our Support channel:
    Note that Instant Support is free. If that link doesn't help
    you, you will be provided with a method to contact us via

    So the above link may help if you're having trouble; but I stand by the
    previous advice: If you haven't already, don't install this new version
    yet. It's simply not ready.

    The Langa List

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    Yup I removed version 5 and went back to 4.5.594.

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    Zonealarm Pro 5.0 update (6/22/04) Have had Zonealarm Pro for some time now and had no problems. Yesterday dowloaded latest version and could not log on to the internet. If I shut Zonealaram down, had no problem with connecting. Zonelabs sent a couple of workarounds, but they didn't do a thing. Uninstalled this latest update, and went back to the version I had before and it works fine. Paid for a 2 year subscription a few months back. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!

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    I installed the free ZA 50.590.043 this morning. Had to tweak a couple program permissions. Other than those tweaks, no problems.
    Linux Mint Debian Edition

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    The thing is the Zone Alarm people tend to get it right if you have issues in a release at the next release... I hated Zone Alarm for a long time, but recently I've been using it and had no issues.. that is not to say they don't exist though as this thread proves.

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    There's a new version out and I'm back to using the security suite. It's version 50.590.043.

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    some people got problems, or cant configure/use firewalls.

    my dads comp is full of shit and has problems, but still and he doesnt take much care of it, but supprisingly it responds fast.

    from all 3 comps at my house, 2 use zonealarm and they work fine, actually work very good.
    and those are the first zonealarm 5 security suite with no updates.

    but i use norton internet security 2004 pro, u get regular updates with that.
    its much better.

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    i just installed version 5.0.590.043 and so far no trouble.

    but something weird happened in an earlier version. i will post that question in a different post.

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    The latest version available is 5.1.011.

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    Zone Alarm v 5.0 and System Tray

    i had problem with zone alarm version 5.0 *** it screwed up the system tray.

    i uninstalled it and put in the latest version as Conan noted v 5.1 was later.

    thanks conan

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