The Blocklist Manager

Blocklist Manager is an application which downloads blacklists from various sources and will export to applications such as:

* Protowall
* Kazaa Lite K++
* PeerGuardian
* eMule
* Gnucleus
* Shareaza
* Morpheus
* Many other popular P2P apps & firewalls

It is quickly becoming a Swiss army knife in network security with all the tools that have been added to it such as:

* Angry IP Scanner
* SmartWhois
* AnalogX Simple Server
* Aldo's Hosts manager
* and more to come...

It also features its own app for looking up ip addresses with the whois project. The whois project was made as a team up from The Faimous One and Seraphielx to stop the confusion of having to know what IP Addesss is listed on what whois server it will look up the IP for you.

The current version is: 2.41i

Download below:

Use this to gather IP block lists from many sources, and so you can stay atop of any new additions from a variety of different IP blocking sites.