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Thread: gamers dream machine

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    Talking gamers dream machine

    im bored so im going to build a new machine some people go to movies when there bored i make computers lol go figure anyways i was wonder what would be the best setup *money is not a problem* i to make a gamers dream machine a high powered computer that will run all games nicly for about 2 years any ideas i was think of putting that new amd 64 in there but thats all i know that i want to put in there iz be stumped

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    Try that. If you have $3000-$4000. I'd go with that, and add two of their $3000 31 inch LCD monitors.

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    Hmm... Alienware, the best gamer's PC you can find. The case is extremely cool too. I also like the specs offered. I did the config for fun and got $6582 for the best in my scope. Sadly I don't have that kind of money and have to live with this 9800 which gives me problems...
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