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Thread: Unhappy with Tech TV

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    Unhappy with Tech TV

    I realize that alot of us are at odds due to the change of that channel, the complete loss of some really good shows and at having them replaced with crap. My personal fav show from that channel is The Screensavers as I know it is some of yours. But one of my aggravations is at their new website. I would go to their site almost daily to read articles, look for upcoming events or shows and to try out some of the cool downloads that were shown or mentioned on The Screensavers.

    Well finally I have found a repository of some of the software downloads at least. Sarah Lane it seems has done for us the fans what G4 either could not or would not. She now keeps the downloads on her own site. Whether this is a permenant thing or not I have no idea but I for one am ecstatic about her doing this, for us, the viewers and fans. I hope there is someway to let her know how much this is appreciated. Anyway here is the link to her site:


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    I'm thinking of cancelling my newsletters from them. It's utterly worthless!

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    they fuc#$%* BLOW!!!!!! Damn comcast, damn them to hell!

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