Omega has released a new modified ATI Catalyst 4.6 based driver suite for Windows 2000/XP.

* Based on the official Catalyst 4.6 drivers.
* Updated the Omega version of RadLinker (1010), now Radlinker includes a new skin option and ads support x800 overclocking.
* Added some tweaks for OLG. Enabled OGL Triple Buffer by default.
* Added support for MANY NEW Radeon cards, FireGL cards and Mobility chipsets. ANY card should be supported now and the drivers will always install.
* Now the drivers should work a LOT better on laptops.
* Fixed FireGL card support, now it has full CP support and fully working OGL.
* Changed the installer graphics.
* Added a new option in the installer to select a faster OLG driver instead of just using the latest one, this driver runs Counter Strike like butter.

Download: Radeon Omega Drivers for 2000/XP (list of mirrors)

source: DriverHeaven