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Thread: Pc crashing in 3d games :(

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    Unhappy Pc crashing in 3d games :(

    Hi all im a nubii here, and i really hope you guys can help me.
    Ok here goes all sorts of games seems to crash on my pc. Sometimes the system reboots, but mostly it just cuts to windows. I tried adding some more ram so i had a gig! Same problem. I by mistake put another screen on the dvi out, with a converter on, that fixed 50% of the crashes (for some reason) now i just need the last 45%.
    Last 5 % ! hey its windows right .
    Everything is updated, latest bios latest drivers! i get around 14000 in 2001se and 5600 in 03. 03 used to crash too, but after the dvi thing it runs perfect, well almost. But now i would really like to play some games for more than five minutes. Everything seems to run fine in 2D

    My rig!

    ECS kt600-a
    512 elixir ram pc 3200
    athlon 2500+ temperatures not a problem
    His 9800pro iceq
    2 * 60 giga maxtor sata disks in raid 0 tried a 133 disk too same thing
    400w psu
    Nothings clocked or tuned.

    So who knows the trick that will save my day ?
    I really hope you can help me

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    Thats a nice video card you got there. But the power supply, to me, seems a little too low. The video card sucks at least 300W for the 9800PRO and 350W for the X800 if there are other devices connected along the same cable to your video card, eg your HD, it may cause this problem because in 2D the video card sucks less power than in 3D right?
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    have you tried reinstalling direct x?

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    Ill try both, and see what happens. Tnx for the fast replyes guys. Still isnt it weird with the dvi thing?

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