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    CD Menu

    What do you guys think of this? any good or a waste of ..whatever

    I want to release a program I've made to the community, called CD Menu.

    CD Menu allows the user to construct a CD which will install a variety of applications from a menu list, by selecting the item and clicking the install button.

    The format of the CD you create is very simple. All the files for CD Menu are placed on the root directory (folder) of the CD, and each of the programs that you are going install has
    its own directory (folder).

    CD Menu comes with its own default background image, but if you want to add your own, just include a .jpg image (400 x 375 pixels) and name it 'cd_menu.jpg'. This graphics file must be in the same folder as the cd menu.exe file.

    The CD Menu system works by reading the file 'cdmenu.txt', which stores all the information about the files on your CD. This file should be edited to suit your needs. It has a fixed
    format -- titles and blank lines should be left as they are.

    The file 'cdmenu.txt' contains the number of applications running from your menu, and listings of application information repeated x times, dependant on the perviously specified number.

    http://www.mozthemes.t--> software --> CD Menu
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    It sounds cool.

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    Sounds very interesting. Here's the address:

    and screenshot:

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