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Thread: Computer Beeps everytime message received

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    Computer Beeps everytime message received

    I just reformated my computer today, after formating and going online (AOL) i receive a beep (short single beat) from my computer everytime i receive a message ( instant message, email, popup, other crap like that) It never did this before.
    Any ideas on what this could be? ( I already re-installed my sound card driver)
    Thanks alot

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    In Your Monitor
    You should see an icon of a speaker in your taskbar (next to the clock at the lower right of your screen)

    Double click this and you will see the windows system mixer,

    Select options/properties and you should see a screen where you can add checks marks in boxes...

    put a check in each box to select all the various audio outputs and select ok

    You should see one that says "pc speaker"

    Mute the pc speaker and you should not hear those annoying beeps.

    Hope this helps


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