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Thread: AOL Worker Allegedly Sells 92M Screen Names To Spammers

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    AOL Worker Allegedly Sells 92M Screen Names To Spammers

    NEW YORK -- This time, the spamming was allegedly part of an inside job.

    An America Online software engineer stole a list of 92 million customer screen names that was eventually used to send massive amounts of e-mail spam, federal prosecutors said.

    Jason Smathers has been fired from his job as a software engineer for the world's largest Internet Service Provider.

    He was arrested at his home in Harpers Ferry, W.Va., and charged with conspiracy.

    A criminal complaint said Smathers worked at AOL's offices in Dulles, Va., and sold the list to 21-year-old Sean Dunaway of Las Vegas.

    Authorities said Dunaway then used the list to promote an Internet gambling operation and sold it to spammers.

    Dunaway also was arrested at his home and was charged with conspiracy.

    Lawyers for the men were not immediately available for comment,

    Each man could face up to five years in prison and at least $250,000 in fines if convicted.

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    And yet another reason to hate AOL.

    Many thanks to egghead for the cool .sig

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    Gotta love it when they get caught $crewin us over tho...

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    This same sort of thing happened to YahooBB in Japan..

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