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Thread: help i want to share internet connection

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    help i want to share internet connection

    i have dway internet and it is the old system with the call out thing. And it is hooked up through usb and i want to share the connection through my dlink router. and when i turn on my eithernet card in the internet computer it switches the ip on the usb connection on the satellite and the internet won't work, how do you get the internet shared

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    Efc might be able to shed some light on this. But I think you have to have 2 NICs in the host machine, and setup a proxy server on teh host machine. Then configure the clients to use the Proxy for their web connections. You'll need to get crossover cables for all the client-host connections.

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    Well stansikkema I can help you since I have the dway one way dial up satellite connection.Very simple.You cannot share internet connections either wired and wirelessly period.You can upgrade to the DW 6000 2 way which will cost about 5-6 hundred $.and $69/mo.The DW 6000 has the RJ connection you need to hook up to your wired or wireless router.Believe me I have been trying for 2 years to get this to work.If you can get cable internet you can ics because the key is the cat 5 connection out.
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    You can connect two computers using ICS on a DW4000 system. To accomplish it you need a NIC on both computers, a crossover cable and WIN XP on the host machine. Make sure that you download and install current software on the host from MyDirecway web page.

    Once the computers are connected go to host computer Control Pannel>Network and internet connections and choose Setup or change your home or small office network. Follow instructions on the screen.

    Expect the client updown/download speed to be slower than the host.

    I currently have a Win XP host machine and a Linux client on my ics network. I have had two XP machines hooked up in the past. The XP client was faster than my current Linux setup.
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