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Thread: Links for reviews of AntiSpam Programs

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    Links for reviews of AntiSpam Programs

    If you are seeking an AntiSpam Program {ASP} here are 2 splendid links for reading reviews...
    Spam Filter Reviews

    My websites pull around 250+ spam messages per day. For me, the most effective spam filter to date is a freebie named Spamihilator. It's a tweaker's delight. Very powerful. Somewhat steep learning curve. Bit of an overkill unless you get LOTS of spam.

    For those with just an *average* amount of spam, a good freebie is K9. Very stable. Small footprint. Fast. Easy to configure.

    If you have a favorite Anti-Spam program, I would love to hear about it.

    grace & peace to all.... bellgamin
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    Egghead is our spam soldier. He puts the forces down on the ground to stamping out spam in today's spammy world.

    I actually use basic filtering rules of Outlook Express to filter out unwanted emails. I create rules for all contacts to have full access and that handles most of the spam.

    Spam wreaks havoc on the masses and wastes loads of time and money every second... Spammers are scum.

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