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Thread: Are two drives better than one?

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    Are two drives better than one?

    From Anandtech:

    Western Digital's Raptors in RAID-0: Are two drives better than one?

    Bottom line:

    If you haven't gotten the hint by now, we'll spell it out for you: there is no place, and no need for a RAID-0 array on a desktop computer. The real world performance increases are negligible at best and the reduction in reliability, thanks to a halving of the mean time between failure, makes RAID-0 far from worth it on the desktop.

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    So really it is more like

    "are 2 better than one?"

    "Yes but you won't notice"

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    Hmm - I felt a real world performance increase - or maybe it was just placebo???
    The article is heavily biased on 2 main benchmarks. Also, RAID doesn't have to be so expensive. The article suggests getting 2x100GB. Who needs that much space? I have 2x60GB. RAID 0 is quite safe if you take regular images (Ghosting) on to a third drive. I just use the drive on my old PC.

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