With NeroVision Express 2, you can capture videos to your hard drive, create your own video clips or edit existing ones, make stunning photo slideshows and wrap up your work in amazing, professional-looking animated menus . Then burn it all to DVD, SVCD or VCD for the ultimate compatibility with home DVD players.

If you have a DVD+R/+RW drive you can record videos directly to disc in the DVD+VR format and import your discs for later for on-disc-editing. Remove unwanted video segments (e.g. commercials), add/remove titles and create/modify the menu at any time and as often as you want.

NeroVision Express 2 offers full video editing with stunning transitions, video and text effects, allows you to record commentaries and lets you add your favorite music to slideshows, videos and menus, to crop, enhance, and apply special transition effects and text to your photos and so much more. There is no limit to your imagination and the power of NeroVision Express 2.

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