Hey All, Just recently I d/l'd a supposed copy of Microsoft Publisher XP (should've been tipped off by the name) and caught what I fear is a VERY nasty virus. What happened, when I tried to run the setup executable, Windows started popping some disturbing errors, saying something to the effect that "such and such file on your D:\ was deleted, and unable to save these changes"

At that point I realized what was going on, so I stopped everything, and tried to start a NaV scan (fully updated prior, but for some reason Autoprotect was disabled when I checked it) but before I could get anywhere on the scan, I got the same error as before with different files, all on my D:\. My system was locking up, so I Ctrl + Alt + Del'd and told my system to shut down. It froze completely shortly after that, and I had to do a hard reboot.

When I tried to turn the system back on, to boot it up in safe mode, my system would not recognize my entire D:\, leaving me to work with only my other harddrive.

I tried rebooting shortly after though, and it showed up again, but then froze before hitting windows, when i started it up again, it wasn't recognizing the 2nd HD again.

Has anyone heard anything about this? or a possible virus name/solution?

I'd greatly appreciate it, I've got almost a gig of personal photos on the drive that i'd REALLY rather be able to save ...

Thanks in advance,