Enhance and accelerate the visual experience with CATALYST™, ATI’s industry-leading software suite. Real-time 3D and immersive games spring to life with CATALYST™. CATALYST™ includes Display Driver, HYDRAVISION™ ,MULTIMEDIA CENTER™ and REMOTE WONDER™.

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Download software bundle: 2000/XP (28.8 MB) | XP MCE (24 MB)

RADEON™ display driver 8.03
HydraVision™ 3.25.0006
HydraVision™ Basic Edition 3.25.9006
WDM version 4.05

Note: ATI CATALYST drivers provide fully qualified display support for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 systems with Radeon display cards, but requires a special version of ATI's Video Capture (WDM) drivers for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 systems with All-in-Wonder boards, which will be provided by your computer manufacturer.


Individual downloads

Download Display Driver: 2000/XP/XP MCE (8.38 MB)

Download ATI Control Panel: 2000/XP/XP MCE (13.7 MB)

Download WDM Capture Driver: 2000/XP (4.29 MB)