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    I have recommended many items from Tiger Direct (TD) over the past few months. TD has frequent sales of good equipment at good prices.

    Back in February, I purchased a barebone computer from TD. The ad was misleading. The motherboard had a built-in cpu described as a VIA 1.2 Giga Pro. It turned out to be a processor with a front-side bus speed of 133MHz that could not be adjusted. That meant that the actual processor speed was 133MHz not the 1.2 GB expected. The rest of the package included a good quality Chiefton case and a good quality PS.

    This like many promotions from TD included a rebate (paperwork not in front of me but rebate was approximately $52.99). Syntax did not honor the rebate. The reason was that I did not provide them with the sn barcode for the motherboard. The form and the instructions included pictures. The picture of the barcode that I supplied was the same as the one called for on the rebate form. They were actually looking for a barcode that looked entirely different from the one sent. The service center said that they had rejected many for the same reason. There was no doubt that these submissions were for the item secified in the rebate offer. It was just a way to avoid a payout.

    At this point, I have contacted everyone that could resolve this if there were any desire to do so. TD support has been polite yet they have not resolved this, nor have they kept me informed, as promised.

    I do not think this will ever be resolved. Recommend caution in doing business with TD. The rebate was from Syntax, but I paid my money to TD and believe they have a responsibility to help me get the money comming to me.

    Pity, they had another system that I considered buying today.
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    I know of one way to get your money back and if they help you, you more thank likely will get the money back:

    They usually get fixes, rebates, repairs, returns and the like sorted out. Send them and email and let them know your issue. If they help, you will more than likely get your rebate.

    They say to include relevant information (such as account numbers, or screen names for online services), photocopies of checks, rebate forms etc... Also they'd like you to include your phone number if they need to contact you about this.

    Every time they've posted an article in the Smartcomputing magazine, they've always helped the person recoup what is owed.

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    Also the Better Business bureau,although sometimes slow,always lights the fire under their a**e*.Worked for me several times.I'm sure TD is in their data base.
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