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Thread: Can't share files

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    Can't share files

    My Configuration Background:
    AP used : Buffalo G54 with WEP-128 bit enabled

    PC1 : Desktop Pentium III 1G Hz, WinXP Professional, with WLBZ101 plugged into the USB slot.
    PC2 : Notebook Pentium-IV 2.2G Hz, Win XP Home, with 3Com OfficeConnect Wireless 11g PCMCIA Card

    Case in detail : PIII can open the files on P-IV through network neighbourhood service but NOT vice versa. Can anyone suggest how to solve?

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    are you sharing any files on the PIII seems to me its a rights issue. if you know about rights and how they effect files I would just give rights to everyone for a specific folder or just use the built in network wizard that comes with xp.

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