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Thread: SLOW!! Help

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    SLOW!! Help

    My Dell Laptop, is connected via a 50ft ethernet Cat5e cable to a DLink router. The router is connected to a satellite connection. There are two computers connected to the router, and their internet speeds are very fast. BUT mine is rather slow. Would the 50ft ethernet cable have anything to do with it? Maybe a 25ft cable would yield better results? Let me know soon please.

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    Cable length can have alot to do with it. Also if the cable is coiled it can cause signal degredation. Try the shorter cable and see what happens.

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    i doubt the cable length is a problem, the recommended length between nodes is 100 or below, which computer logs on to the internet first, this computer will most likely have the most bandwidth.

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    I have a 2nd computer hooked to a 50 meter cable and it's coiled, but it's no slower than my 1st PC which has a 1 foot cable.

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