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Thread: can share internet but computers cant see each other?

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    can share internet but computers cant see each other?

    i have a laptop runing win 2000 pro and a pc runin XP pro.
    I want my pc to use the internet that goes through my laptop. I allowed sharing on my connection which resets my lan card ip to automaticly

    i set the client computer to obtain ip address automaticly

    My Pc can use my laptops internet connection through the network fine but i cant share files between the two computers, I cant even see the computers in my workgroup folder. Both my systems are set to the same workgroup.

    My Pc can only see itself in the workgroup folder but my laptop cant see anything, not even itself. The strange thing is that they can share an internet connection tho.s

    Why cant my computers see each other in my workgroup folder?

    Thanks in Advance


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    Have you right clicked on the folder you want to share and enabled sharing?

    Make sure the client PC is logged in as Administrator or a user with Admin privileges and type in the correct password.

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    See post:

    Workgroup Inaccessible: Why?

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