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Thread: Queen Mother R.I.P

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    Queen Mother R.I.P

    As most of you probably know,it was a momentous day here in the UK today with the funeral of the Queen Mother.
    I don't know how much news coverage of the ceremony you guys outside of the UK got,but I can tell you it was quite an emotional occasion.
    One thing she will always be remembered for (amongst many others) is that during the German bombings of London in the Second World War she was advised to leave Buckingham Palace for her own safety because the Palace was a suspected German target.
    She point blank refused.She also visited the bombsites and trampled through the rubble offering support.
    She was a truly great Lady,and will be sorely missed.


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    Sorry didn't catch this post earlier

    At 101 she has seen most of what I have read in current history! I can imagine she will be missed many moons after we all are dead and forgotten. As I recall reading, Hitler said she was the most dangerous woman in Europe,
    After the abdication she became the Queen. Then came the war. For many it was the Queen Mother's strength, it was her sense of duty, it was her commitment to the common people of England that made her, in the eyes of Hitler: "The most dangerous woman in Europe." Dangerous to Hitler. The foundation upon which victory was built.
    I say, here in Japan they covered the news for about 3 days solid. She was in all the newspapers, and was the talk for a while!
    She will be truly missed by many round the world.

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