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Thread: Validate the Scam mail

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    Validate the Scam mail

    I get a few hundred scam e-mails a day, everything from banks asking for personal information to the Paypal and eBay scam's. I find that scammers are getting more sophisticated and often employ obscenely long URL's in an attempt to confuse people. After all, if it's long and complicated it has to be legit right?
    Well here's a little trick on how to find out the real web address of the page you're looking at. Simply copy the Javascript code below and paste it into your browsers URL and press enter.

    javascript:alert("Actual URL address: " + location.protocol + "//" + location.hostname + "/");

    A little gray box should pop up which displays the name of the web server that is currently displayed. Now you can verify the address of any website you browse to see if it really is who it says it is.

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    Very True Dave...We all need to be extra cautious when doing ANYTHING on the NET anymore.

    There is also this app: SPOOFSTICK, which I posted awhile back that seems to do the same thing you were highlighting. Regardless of how it does it, it lets you know exactly what site you are on. Read more on it here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dehcbad25
    I get a few hundred scam e-mails a day, everything from banks asking for personal information to the Paypal and eBay scam's.
    Dehcbad25, This is not directed specifically at you. It is just a good opportunity to discuss the issue.

    I too used to get a lot of spam e-mails. Not any more. I have received no more than 2 junk emails (exception, those from that infamous samurai stalker - Big Booger ) in the last 30 days. And that is on 7 email accounts.

    The reasons are that I use Mozilla Mail and have been disciplined in training it to remove the junk.

    I have seen the browser debates (here on TZ) where people continue to use IE due small speed differences. If you have to deal with a lot of junk each day, you are loosing a lot more time to it than you would by waiting another second or two for a page to load.

    Once its started, it is hard to get rid of spam. Just know that it can be done.
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