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Thread: firefox gripes from the Langa List

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    firefox gripes from the Langa List

    7) FireFox Gripes

    Hello Fred, The Firefox browser ( ) is getting a lot of
    attention lately and justifiably, its a free, safe alternative
    to IE. However, Firefox is not perfect, and being a long time
    computer griper, I documented gripes with it on my web site Perhaps of most interest
    though, are the web sites that do not work correctly with
    Firefox. I have culled these from my other Firefox gripes and
    put them on their own web page at ---Michael Horowitz

    Thanks, Michael. Firefox, Netscape, classic Mozilla and Opera all claim
    to be standards compliant, but all fail in different ways on different
    sites. If they all were truly standard, they'd all fail the same way on
    the same sites. But they don't, so clearly, there are problems with the
    claims of compliance.

    IE is not the most standards-compliant browser any longer (believe it
    not, it actually was, for a brief while...), but it works on more sites
    than any other. I personally care little for arguments about technical
    purity--- I want a browser that works on the sites I visit. So, yes, I
    do use IE as my main browser. With proper care and feeding (keeping up
    with security updates, using antivirus and anti-spyware tools, etc.) IE
    is fine to use.

    No browser is perfect: they're all a mix of positives and negatives.
    Ultimately, browser choice is a personal thing, depending on what

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    What a whiner. The only site I ever encounter not working with FX is windows update. If there is a site that does not work, then it's probably not worth visiting - or i'll just use IE - big deal......
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