I'm a bit late to get this up as I saw the presentation on Friday night but, I guess better late than never. I was at Fragapalooza, Canada's biggest gaming event and nVidia was there fresh from their debut European trip in Paris of the SLI technology and ready to make the N. American debut of their SLI technology.

The crate containing the SLI machines arrived on Wednesday afternoon while voluteers and staff were busy setting up Fragapalooza. I happened to help off-load the crate and was quite eager to see the beasts in action. The two machines were kept "under-wraps" overnight and were then set-up first thing on Thursday morning.

In their presentation to the attendees at Fragapalooza they went over the technology and the fact that the SLI naming doesn't have anything to do with Vodoo's own SLI, it only shares the name "SLI". Vodoo's SLI tech stood for "Scan Line Interleave" and each GPU was responsible for drawing every other line on the screen. The nVidia technology is completely different and stands for "Scalable Link Interface" and essentially one GPU is responsible for drawing either the top or bottom half of the screen, but not quite because with the alogorithms in place to make sure each GPU's shares an identical work load it can end up with one GPU drawing the upper 1/3 of the screen consisting of a heavier graphics load while the other GPU draws the bottom 2/3 of the screen with a lower graphics load.

This is what NVIDIA themselves say about SLI:

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