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Thread: Video Follows Cursor

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    Video Follows Cursor

    Hey everybody, just did a fresh install of XP in anticipation of the upcoming school year and have noticed a funny thing I've never had before. In any program that plays video files, the video will usually be halfway covered until I drag it out of hiding with my mouse. I dont really "drag" the video, it just follows my cursor. This is a little annoying and if anyone knows how to remedy this that would be great. Thanks
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    you should scan your computer for any trojans or spyware that maybe capturing your screen and stealing valuable resources

    online virus scan here,

    you should also update your video drivers as well


    is the media player displayed half off the screen?

    I may have missunderstood

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    No the programs are centered just fine; just within the fixed video window you see about half of the video frame as if you put a piece of cardboard over your TV, if you move the cursor around the video will follow it. You can center it this way but it will continue to follow the cursor, its just pretty annoying. I have the latest video drivers, latest windows updates, yada yada.

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