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Thread: Microsoft to Offer Free 64-Bit Windows Upgrade to Some Customers

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    Microsoft to Offer Free 64-Bit Windows Upgrade to Some Customers

    Microsoft acknowledged earlier this week that it won't ship its new 64-bit Windows server versions until mid-2005. But that doesn't mean Microsoft is content to leave the 64-bit market to Solaris and Unix customers, according to officials with the Redmond, Wash., software vendor.
    Microsoft is putting the finishing touches on what it's calling the "x64 Technology Exchange Program." Via this program—which Microsoft will launch "in the near future," company officials said—Microsoft will allow customers with Advanced Micro Devices Inc. Opteron and Intel Corp. Xeon processors on EM64T servers running 32-bit Windows to exchange their operating system for the forthcoming 64-bit Windows Server 2003 variants for free.

    In addition, on Monday, Microsoft is set to release another beta version of its Windows Server 2003 64-bit software for AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon with EM64T platforms. Microsoft is broadening the beta to any and all interested parties. (Microsoft officials said 20,000 individuals downloaded the "Customer Preview Program" beta release since it debuted in January.)

    Starting August 2, customers will be able to place orders for Windows Server 2003 64-bit CDs on Microsoft's Web site.

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    So that means if I have a Athlon64 CPU and Windows XP I can get Windows 64 for free? If it does what about AthlonXP CPU's?

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