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Thread: Network cable unplugged

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    Network cable unplugged


    I am novice when it comes to home networking and have just come across my first problem. I have two computers one running Windows XP and the other running Windows 2000. My XP computer is connected to the internet (broadband) and I then have a router and I have connected the computer running 2000 to the router all done via cat 5 cables.

    This is where my problem begins when I connect the cat 5 cable to the computer running 2000 the light on the network card lights up and then goes off it does this repeatedly meanwhile in sequence with the light flashing on and off I get the message network cable unplugged on the desktop of the windows 2000 computer, therefore I have no way of setting up a shared internet connection.

    Can anyone help me?

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    well the way you should have it wired is from the cable to the cable modem from the modem to the router and then the pc's connect via router.

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