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Thread: FlyakiteSP1 v6.0

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    FlyakiteSP1 v6.0

    + Version 6.0


    o Fixed splash screen transparency
    o Automatically checks for new version of FlyakiteSP1 instead of prompting user to check
    o Checks native language of the operating system and alerts the user if it is not English
    o Checks for the installation of SP1 and alerts the user if it is not installed
    o Backup folder changed to "_BACKUP" in the Windows directory
    o Only files being installed are backed up, cutting down install time
    o During file installation, the installer checks the version number of the file in the installer and the file on the target system. If the versions don't match, the file is copied to a folder on the desktop and the user is alerted at the end of the installation
    o If any files are not installed, they are copied to a folder on the desktop named 'Files Not Installed'. Replacer and BatchMod are also extracted to that folder and a Replacer script is automatically written for the files not installed
    o WFP (Windows File Protection) dialogs are now automatically closed
    o Only two install types are available now, "Extract Files Only" and "Custom"
    o When "Extract Files Only" install type is selected the components section will disappear, so that the user can't accidently select anything to install
    o Log is written to folder on the desktop if files cannot be replaced due to different file versions
    o Added support for the "\windows\driver cache" folder
    o If "Extract Files Only" install type is selected, files are now extracted into seperate categories in the install directory (eg. DLLs, EXEs, CPLs, extras)
    o Option to install "Misc. Control Panel Files" has been removed. Instead if the user chooses to install CPL files the extra control panel files are automatically installed if they are present on the machine
    o Components Page has been reorganized. The 'Extras' section has been renamed to 'Misc.' and has been put into a subdirectory now named 'Extras' that also includes the registry tweaks and skins
    o Option to remove the uninstaller and all shortcuts has been added to the uninstaller
    o Reorganized certain files and optimized installer code to allow more compression resulting in a smaller installer file size
    o Installer now automatically installs and sets active any cursors, sounds, themes, etc
    o Lots of code cleanup, improvements, and optimizations


    o Updated all files to their newest versions from Windows Update
    o Added files:
    + user32.dll
    + tapiui.dll
    + ole32.dll
    + wuaucpl.cpl - WU v5
    + nvtui.cpl - nVIDIA Display Manager
    + Outlook Express to Mail mod Pack
    + WinDVD 6 iDVD skin Danimator
    + PowerDVD 4/5 iVid skin aquagrl
    + Tiger visual style KoL
    + Tiger WindowBlinds theme KoL
    o Changed the right-click context menus to more resemble OS X
    o Changed misc. icons, bitmaps, and dialogs throughout various files
    o Added a progress bar to the boot screen
    o Added ALL comctl32.dll files
    o Fixed boot screen not installing
    o Added a batch file that will backup all important system files to a folder on the desktop
    o Added Replacer scripts for the main CPL, DLL, and EXE files
    o Tweaked the sound volume tray icon. It now looks much better on dark colored themes

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    This looks cool enough, but have you used it?

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