Hi all new to forum.
Read some things and noticed that egghead had upgraded or changed his bios from a P4P8X to a P4P800. I have a P4P8X SE mobo and would like to change my bios so i can unlock some things.
My problem is.....
I have a p4 3.0c , 2 x 512 corsair ddr400 , P4P8X SE mobo. The fsb is set to 200 and the ram options are 400/500/550/auto BUT soon as i drop the FSB to 199 i get the 333/266 option. The reason i want to do this is because on my work pc i have ALL the same specs except i have a p4p800 mobo. I have the ram set to 333 and fsb set to 250. now my ram is running normal and my P4 is running 3.75 G . I want this at home but soon as i hit 200 FSB my Ram options automaticaly go to the 400/500 ect. setting and i can't change to the 333 settings.
Any input or suggestions on how to change my bios like egg or to unlock this option would be appreciated.