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Thread: win2k and internet sharing -

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    win2k and internet sharing -

    Ive got a friend im going to see tommorrow - he reinstalled win2k pro on both machines he has, he has network cards in both and a modem in one which connects to the net via dialup (i know i know) -

    His issue is he can talk between the computers ok and move files between them, the main computer with the modem can get on internet just fine, but the other machine hooked to it via cat 5 cannot see the net -

    Now im not expert but I know a bit more than him, but am seeking ANY advice to look for as he lives a few hours away and once I go I wont have access to this forum -

    Any help or advice is appriciated -


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    Well what you should be able to do is on the computer with the modem go into the networking properties and then look at the tab with the firewall info. On there should be something saying "share this connection with others on the network" and a little check box to enable it. Once done so long as you have the "File & Printer Sharing" driver installed (which can be done from the main tab in the network properties). And I think thats about it.
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