SAN JOSE, Calif. -- "DVD Jon," the man who cracked the code that keeps DVDs from being copied, has done it again.

Norwegian hacker Jon Johansen says he has broken the electronic locks on Apple Computer's wireless music streaming technology, known as AirPort Express.

Johansen has released a software key that lets users broadcast digital music from Apple's online iTunes Music Store to a stereo that isn't plugged into a computer.

He also created a way for people to stream music to an AirPort Express base station without using Apple's iTunes software.

AirPort Express came out earlier this year.

It's the third time he has managed a work-around to Apple's music copy-protection technologies.

His latest creation is posted on his Web site, which is named "So Sue Me."

Last year, a Norwegian court ruled that Johansen could not be prosecuted for breaking the DVD codes.