The ATI software team is not sitting with its legs crossed and ignoring its Catalyst software. Like "Dev" said, a year or two back ATI had problems with its drivers but now things are very much better.

The next generation Catalyst, possibly based on the 4.9 Catalyst Doom 3 booster, will come on September the second, unless ATI changes its mind after reading this article.

The driver will have a whole new interface, very aesthetically designed with a side menu that awfully reminds us of Nvidia's.

They call this interface the Catalyst Control Center, where you will find profile manager, hotkey manager, automatic update, application manager, new video and color controls and some other nice stuff.

Auto update is a cool feature to remind you that there is a new Catalyst available and makes suggestions that you download and install them.

As for the interface, you will be able to design new skin, to use your own logo in driver, a good feature for small system integarots, design a new feature, or mess with the user interface. Cool stuff isnít it. Imagine an INQ skinned Catalyst. We dare you to make one.


I can't wait for this. Should be sweet and is in dire need of a face life.. they've been using the same old interface for quite some time.