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Thread: USR Wireless PC Turbo Card 5410 HELP!

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    USR Wireless PC Turbo Card 5410 HELP!

    I have a USR Wireless Turbo PC Card Model 5410. When I first installed the card with the software that came with the card, it worked perfectly.

    I then noticed there were newer drivers on the USR site, and wrote them asking if I should install a newer set of drivers. I was told to install the new BETA drivers as they were the best.

    After doing so, the card never worked again! I have tried to remove the beta drivers and install the original drivers, but something prevents the card from working correctly.

    What ever those drivers did, even prevents me from using DIAL-UP!

    I have used Norton Win Doctor and Registry Mechanic to try and get all of the drivers and references off of my system. It still does not help.

    I went through the registry with Regedit, and tried that as well...

    Still nothing!

    Writing to USR is worthless. It is almost "you bought it... you live with it"!

    Can ANY one please help me. I cannot afford to just toss the card and get another one.


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    It seems that your only option would be to reformat Windows and reinstall the old drivers.

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