New Features

* Added defragmentation support for test files used by the benchmarks: Sandra will defragment all test files created to ensure the performance measured is not impeded by fragmentation of the test files created. (All versions)
* Added Intel Pentium 4 and Xeon (Nocona) reference results in Windows x64 edition. Now you can compare and contrast the performance of Intel and AMD solutions in both legacy 32-bit x86 mode and 64-bit x64 (AMD64/EM64T) mode. You can also compare the results with Intel 64-bit IA64 systems. (All versions)
* Added support for Intel E7520/7320/7525 chipsets; fixed support for Intel 910/915/925 PCI Express chipsets. (x86 and x64 versions)
* Added support for PCI Express video cards. (All versions)
* Improved reliability of Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003 Second Edition remote information & benchmarking library. (All versions)
* Added support for Windows CE 4.20 x86 standard editions through additional remote information & benchmarking library. (All versions)
* Compatibility verified with Windows XP SP2 Release version and Windows 2003, XP 64-bit, XP x64 SP1 Build 1218. (All versions)