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Thread: Intel slashes prices

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    Intel slashes prices

    Intel Slashes Prices by Up to 35 Percent
    The Associated Press
    Published: Aug 23, 2004

    NEW YORK (Dow Jones/AP) - Semiconductor giant Intel Corp. cut the prices on some of its Pentium and Itanium chips Sunday by as much as a third. Intel said the price moves do not reflect efforts to reduce inventory and are part of its normal business.

    The price of the Pentium 4 560 chip was reduced by 35 percent to $417 from $637.

    Its Pentium 4 550 went to $278 from $417, a 33 percent decline.

    The price changes were available on Intel's Web site and reflect chips purchased in 1,000 unit lots by computer manufacturers.

    Intel cut the price of Mobile Pentium 4 538 20 percent to $234 from $294 and its Itanium 2 1Ghz chip 29 percent to $530 from $744.

    The Santa Clara, Calif., chip maker did not change the prices on its Centrino chips, which have built-in wireless functions.
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    Maybe I can finally afford to put a proc on that P4 MB that I've had sitten in my closet...

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    looks like AMD is right on their heels.

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