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Thread: The Swiss Army Knife of USB Drives

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    The Swiss Army Knife of USB Drives

    Saw this over at FTI. pretty cool gift for the nerd in your family.

    Victorinox, in partnership with Swissbit AG, has devised the Victorinox SwissMemory multi-tool that incorporates a high-performance 128MB or 64MB USB data storage device with other practical features. The USB memory stick is easily removable. The SwissMemory 128MB costs $80.95, and the 64MB costs $63.95. Product details.

    SwissMemory features:

    1. USB memory with 128MB or 64MB memory stick
    2. Blade
    3. Nail file
    4. Screwdriver
    5. Scissors
    6. Key Ring
    7. LED mini light
    8. Retractable ball point pen

    Up to 10 characters for engraving (although on this size multi-tool we recommend no more than 5 characters). We suggest a "White" Font Color to complement the white cross and shield.

    Boxed. Swiss-made.


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    Cool! Next thing you know there'll be a PDA in there with the Swiss Knife!

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    I like that, but they gotta go up to 256MB as a minimum.

    It would make a handy techie tool.

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