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Thread: ShareConnector Targeted

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    ShareConnector Targeted

    As many know, the Swiss copyright authorities came down hard on ShareReactor. ShareReactor was a site that offered links to files on the eDonkey2000 network. Similarly to, the site was organized by the type of file you wanted, such as music, movies, applications, an extensive forum, etc. Over time it became the premier eDonkey2000 (ED2K) link site, however its popularity became its downfall as Swiss authorities forced it closure in March of this year.

    Although ShareReactor was banished to bowels of the Internet, many smaller alternatives seized the opportunity to take its place. One of the better alternatives,, would soon become the ED2K link site of choice for many. Unfortunately, its virtually promised rise to fame and stature in the file-sharing world is now cast into doubt as Brenin, a trade organization protecting intellectual property rights, is taking aim at Brein has demanded that ShareConnector remove all ED2K links within five (5) days.

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    Those links infringe on no copyright AFAIK... now if people use them to download the items.. then the people downloading should be held accountable, not the site hosting the links.

    And if sites like that should be taken down, then so should a number of search engines that catalogue quite a few more ed2k:// links..

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