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Thread: pearpc keeps getting better

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    pearpc keeps getting better

    Network support, CDROM support, software installs, it's getting speedier.. still not quite to production level.. but my god, form nil to what it is today... amazing.

    I've been playing around with it. It's quite simple but lengthy to edit the config files and setup the system. BUt it works.

    Some users reported getting Office 2004 working, Photoshop, and so on.. but the software didn't work near to what a true Mac does.. I doubt it ever will.. but it is amazing.

    Using this almost makes me what to by a mac..

    Just a while ago, I networked the Shared Documents folder from Xp to the PearPC OSX. This is awesome.. just need some sound, and printer support.. perhaps mouse scroll support.. and a speed improvement!
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    Well I guess it is cheaper than a MAC. Can you make some screenies BB?

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