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Thread: Hard Drive Lost Directory

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    Hard Drive Lost Directory

    I have a 120 gb drive I put in a caddy so that I could use it on several computers and all was well until I got a new computer last week.
    Plugged the drive in as usual but didn't think to do a "Safely remove" and now the drive has lost it's directory / TOC.
    PArtition magic recognises it but thinks it's empty, where as a "free to try" program I pulled down from scanned it and confirms all files are still there, but the costs to buy the program are huge.
    Is there an "easy" way to get my directory back as it has taken me a few years to fill this drive with over 1500 cd's

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    Have you tried running scandisk on it? Just wondering?

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    whats the file system on your new computer and your hd?

    if the new computer is fat32 and your hd is ntfs you will not be able to read an ntfs file system using a fat32 os

    you will need to first convert the new computer to ntfs then you will be able to read the files on your hd

    be carefull not to corrupt your hd using file recovery programs unless you are sure the hd is failing

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