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Thread: Multiple vulnerabilities in Mozilla products

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    Multiple vulnerabilities in Mozilla products

    Several vulnerabilities exist in the Mozilla web browser and derived products, the most serious of which could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on an affected system.

    VU#414240 -Mozilla Mail vulnerable to buffer overflow via writeGroup() function in nsVCardObj.cpp

    VU#847200 -Mozilla contains integer overflows in bitmap image decoder

    VU#808216 -Mozilla contains heap overflow in UTF8 conversion of hostname portion of URLs

    VU#125776 -Multiple buffer overflows in Mozilla POP3 protocol handler

    VU#327560 -Mozilla "send page" feature contains a buffer overflow vulnerability

    VU#651928 -Mozilla allows arbitrary code execution via link dragging

    Upgrade to a patched version
    Mozilla has released versions of the affected software that contain patches for these issues:

    Mozilla 1.7.3
    Firefox Preview Release
    Thunderbird 0.8

    Full Story:
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    I was going to wait til the final v1.0 of Firefox was released, but ... oh well

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