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Thread: Docs Put Computer Port In Man's Brain!

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    Docs Put Computer Port In Man's Brain!

    Now he's a genius ... who loads software directly into his head!

    By Michael Chiron

    BOSTON -- In a major bioengineering breakthrough, scientists have placed an artificial implant in a man's brain that gives him control over a wide range of computer accessories -- transforming him into the smartest human alive!

    Thanks to the "organic USB and serial ports" installed in the back of Gary Carel's head and fused to his cerebral cortex, his brain can directly operate a variety of external devices, including CD drives, scanners, printers and zip disks.

    Researchers say that Gary, 28, can now:

    Download directly into his brain hundreds of computer programs -- allowing him to instantly learn foreign languages, play chess at a master level and solve complex mathematical equations in his head.

    Scan artwork, photographs and maps into his brain -- and later print them out.

    Chat online with cyber-pals all over the world -- just by thinking.

    Store tons of data and instantly recall it all with total accuracy.

    "This is the wave of the future. Gary Carel represents the next step forward in human evolution," declares South African neurosurgeon Dr. Ian van Wenkel, a member of the international team that designed and implanted the device. "Within 15 years, virtually everyone in the developed world will have a brain implant. Those who don't will be left behind."

    The experiment, involving top scientists from around the world, and funded by an unnamed computer software giant, is being pursued very quietly.

    Some publications had reported that surgeons placed "a mini-computer" in Gary's brain -- and that's not at all accurate, Dr. van Wenkel explains.

    "There's no reason to put a computer in anyone's head -- the human brain is itself a computer," says the researcher. "The brain's 100 billion neurons have a processing power of 100 teraflops -- roughly 100 trillion calculations per second. That's superior to the world's most powerful super-computer."

    Instead, what researchers did was install an organic version of a USB (Universal Serial Bus): An interface between a computer and add-on devices.

    "You'll find a USB port at the back of your home PC," says Dr. van Wenkel.

    The breakthrough is a natural extension of advances made in the brain-machine interface field. In the 1990s, Duke researchers tested a neural implant that allowed a monkey to control a robotic arm and reach for food.

    "What we've done is light years beyond that," the scientist declares.

    "Our tests indicate that with the help of these accessories, Gary has an effective IQ of 265 -- the highest ever recorded."

    In a very delicate 18-hour operation, surgeons opened Gary's skull and inserted the patented "organic USB," bonding it to neurons in his cerebral cortex.

    "Friends rib me about it and call me Data, like I'm a robot," he says. "People ask me if I have emotions and if I still dream -- of course I do."

    Researchers are still monitoring Gary's health closely.

    Published on: 05/18/2004

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    Viruses in the human brain won't be a pretty site.. But I like the IQ increase and the ability to learn things on the fly. I'd love to learn Japanese like this.

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    There was a movie some time ago called: existenz. It was about playing video games in a virtual world. To do so, they used an organic console and the power would come from your own body via an organic cable connected to the nervous system in your spinal cord. A bit like in the matrix, but all organic. In the end the two main characters would play this game that was so real it was indistinguishable from the real world. Well, the sentence says it all. They couldnt exit the game anymore because they didnt know if they were back in the real world or not

    About implants into the human brain, i would think of GPS inplant so you never get lost again Anyhow, i dont think this is at all possible. Hell, scientists still know nothing about the human brain, nevermind where to connect such a device to whatever nerve cells
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    i thought it was sorta like the matrix when neo was fed info on all da martial arts and stuff...and to think that's wat is happening now...

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    I have to get me one of those.... it's time to go to my pcp for a referral...

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    Gee this is amazing... yep like matrix... Hmm I want to learn to fly a jet fighter plane ... NOW!!

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