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Thread: my dad's email!!

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    my dad's email!!

    omg someones sending viruses through my dad's email. what do we do. my sister got it. i'm not sure what virus it was anymore she exited out of the norton announcement. it was a zip file though. o dera o dear hes a religious person .this would be really bad if it sent it to his church members
    PLEASE HELP i'm freakin out

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    You have two goals. Clean each computer and then protect them from future contamination.

    You provided no information on any of the computers involved so I will make some assumptions.

    1. Update Win XP. SP2 will close some of the security holes in XP.

    2. If you have a current Anti-virus (AV) program make sure that it is up to date and run a complete scan. If you do not have an AV program or if yours is not up to date, download a free AV program, update it and then scan your system. AVG is a free user friendly program that is available here. Download

    3. If you do not have a firewall installed on each program consider installing ZoneAlarm.

    3. Also install, update and run several other programs.

    Spybot Search & Destroy


    Spyware Blaster (inoculates your computer from future infection of some types of malware)

    By the time you scan with each of these products, you should have a clean computer.

    Once you start getting junk email it is very hard to stop it. Using an email client with built-in junk mail controls can help. I suggest using Mozilla Suite and Mozilla Mail or Thunderbird which is a stand alone email program from You can train these email programs to learn what you consider junk mail and delete it. Mozilla Products

    Good luck.
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    make sure your dads computer is up to date and virus free by following efc's advice.

    also you should know that many new mass mailing viruses can pretend to be sent from a very trusted source to maximize its intention that you open the file.

    most likely the virus came from someone that has your dad's email address in there address book

    once a person opens the virus in an email the virus will scan the address book and send everyone on that list an email with a virus attached.

    whats worse is the virus will also spoof the sender address so it will appear the virus was sent from someone in that address book.

    everfyone on the addressbook will appear to be the sender of the virus to someone.

    read here for some great information about the latest viruses.

    an example of a virus that spoofed the sender address is the mydoom virus/worm

    hope this helps

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    I agree with egg most likely someone that has your pops email address is sending the virus. just update your AV app and run a full system scan just to be sure. and let him know not to open an attachment if he doesnt recognise what it is just delete it.

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