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Thread: Access denied on random files and folders

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    Question Access denied on random files and folders

    I recently reinstalled XP Pro on my machine, after realising it was becoming far too slow and bugging me to pieces. I had the primary drive partitioned twice using the first as the OS and second for general files and programs.

    I re-installed XP formatting the OS partition (NTFS as before) and installing a clean version onto it.

    Upon completion, access to some of the folders located on the second partition are being denied.

    I am logging on as administrator on the local machine and have no joy at all. The workgroup name and administrator password are the same as previous. This is only apparent on some folders, not all. The folder creation dates are also random one being created last week and one a month or so ago. Both are being denied access, whereas some folders within the same parent folder are completely accessible without any problem.

    Is there anything anyone can suggest I try to gain access to these folders? I am lost as I cannot do anything with them at all.

    If there is any more information which may help, please feel free to ask.

    Many Thanks.


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    First turn off simple file sharing-- windows explorer-tools-folder options-view tab
    Scroll all the way to the bottom and uncheck "Use simple File Shares (Recommended)"

    Next navagate to the folder in question, right click choose properties. Open the security tab, choose advanced, select the owner tab, As administrator you can take ownership of the files here.

    Now the catch, if the files were encrypted, they were encrypted to a hash in your SAM file of you since removed instance of XP. Even if you make new users with the same name the SID (Security ID) of the user has changed, therefor the files cannot be decrypted.

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